March, 2019

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Estuary: Cradle of Life
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The Arbutus Gallery
Island Savings Center, Duncan

March 4 to March 23, 2019
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CVPAG and CERCA (Cowichan Estuary Restoration and Conservation Association) are teaming up to create the exhibition “Estuary: Cradle of Life” that will show in the Arbutus Gallery for the first 3 weeks in March.

The show will be multi-disciplinary featuring the work of mostly local artists. Nan Goodship and Goetz Schuerholz are curating the show with the help of a variety of others in CVPAG helping with hanging, advertising and the opening.

With this art exhibition we intend to present evocative art that inspires curiosity and interest and to explore the different values of the Cowichan Bay estuary.
Become a Docent!
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Museum docent is a title given to persons who serve as guides and educators for the institutions they serve, usually on a voluntary basis.
An exciting opportunity for those who wish to get involved with the Cowichan Valley Public Art gallery. If you would like to explore this opportunity, please contact the programming committee

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We have 5 planned exhibitions this year. We especially appreciate those with some background in the arts or education, but will welcome anyone who will commit some time for training and working to inform the public.
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For more information or to apply, please contact
Wendy Robison, programming co-chair:
250 748-0286

Or email our president
Jock Hildebrand:

Bird Walk
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Cowichan Estuary

March 9, 2019
meet at 10 am,
Westcan Terminal Road

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The emphasis will be on seeing various seabirds

Sensible footwear is recommended, but there should be NO swampy bits.  Great pictorial views will present of the Valley looking out particularly to Koksilah Ridge and beyond towards Lake Cowichan as well as north towards  Mt Prevost etc, as well as around the Bay.  Do bring a camera.
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Robin Lawson will be leading this Nature walk in the Cowichan River Estuary where the emphasis will be on observing birds.
My trip to Florence, Italy
November, 2018
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Episode 2: Seeking Michelangelo
by Donna K. Taylor of Duncan, British Columbia
“Just as we put, O Lady, by subtraction,
    Into the rough, hard stone
    A living figure, grown”
- Michelangelo
    “Michelangelo always tried to conceive his figures as
lying hidden in a block of marble on which
he was working: the task he set himself as a sculptor
    was merely to remove the stone which covered them.”
 - Ernst Gombrich
As I pick my way through the old streets of Florence, events of daily life unfold.

Church bells from different churches clanging out-of-sync to announce mass, compete with the roar of revving motorcycles.

Women wearing fashionable clothing glide on old bicycles through crowds of disbelieving tourists gathered in piazzas, parting them without incident.

Uncomplaining sleepy children in rickety strollers are roughly navigated on uneven stone pavements by men and women hurrying home to make dinner.

Ample meat and cheese filled crusty paninis and colorful gelatos are purchased then furtively eaten in areas of the historic part of the city affected by strict new laws against eating on the streets during certain times of the day.

Young men and women taking selfies balance confidently on narrow bridge ledges.

At dusk an elderly woman wearing the latest designs in leather clothing, high heeled boots and bright lipstick, walks carefully with her cane as she is pulled forward by a tiny determined leashed dog.

"Gifts" from a tiny dog are left early each morning on the sidewalk for me to discover.

A seated elderly man plays a soulful rendition of “O Sole Mio” on his accordian.

A young newlywed couple stroll alongside the Arno River in the chilly late afternoon sun posing periodically to kiss for a photographer, she wearing a sleeveless ivory lace dress with her hem dragging on the dusty pavement, he fashionably wearing a black tuxedo with no socks in his expensive Italian leather shoes.

On a warm Sunday, the city center swells with people in their latest gray and black winter ensembles (with the odd splash of color) promenading while carrying large bulging shopping bags. In the evening, Santa Maria Novella Train Station surges with tired shoppers returning home.

Random motorcyclists gear down and pause at intersections then accelerate while I cross the street.

There were many sightings of Michelangelo at his best.
Michelangelo’s original marble sculpture of his 17 foot high “David”, the symbol of divine victory over evil and his powerful unfinished sculptures of muscular figures struggling to free themselves from the stone; “The Awakening Slave”, “The Young Slave”, “The Bearded Slave” and “The Atlas (or Bound)”. (Accademia Gallery).

Michelangelo’s monumental funerary marble sculptures on the Medici Tombs symbolizing “Night”, “Day”, “Dawn” and “Dusk” and his unfinished sculpture of the “Medici Madonna”(Medici Chapel at San Lorenzo Church).

Michelangelo’s marble sculpture of “Bacchus” (Bargello National Museum).

Michelangelo’s only surviving easel painting of the round “Holy Family” (Uffizi Gallery).

Michelangelo’s sculpture of “Pieta” (Mourning of Christ) (Duomo Museum).

Monumental copy of Michelangelo’s “David” (Piazza della Signoria).

Memorial named after Michelangelo which includes a huge copy of the statue of “David”, to be reached by climbing up hill on many, many stone stairs (Piazzale Michelangelo) and photographed admiringly from different angles.                   
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There was a time before Superman existed
People born after 1938 have never known a time before the Superman comic character was brought into existance.

For my entire life (born 1954), I have been presented with evolving versions of the Superman character, and even though I didn't really pay much attention to such comics (I was more into Sgt. Rock), he and his comic book companions feel quite familiar to me.

It takes a special vision to create something from nothing that goes on to become an icon for generations to come.

Our group, the Cowichan Valley Public Art Gallery Society hopes to do much the same by establishing and building a Public Art Gallery here in the Cowichan Valley for the first time ever.

Join us now and have your say in changing the course of history in the Cowichan Valley. 
(see below for details)
Do you have ideas or topics you would like to see explored in our newsletter?
Feel free to send Dorian an e-mail with your ideas:

Friends of the Cowichan Valley Public Art Gallery (CVPAG)

We are an organization of local artists and Arts lovers who recently formed with the intention of raising funds to promote and establish a public art gallery in the Cowichan Valley.  The Cowichan Valley Public Art Gallery (CVPAG) is a non-profit society created with the ambitious goal of hosting ongoing international, national and local art exhibitions and associated programming currently not available in this region.

Join us now and have your say in changing the course of history in the Cowichan Valley.

Find Out More
tel: 250 215-2823

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