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Apr 3, 2019
The Most Sanitary Way to Store Your Toothbrush
Have you ever done your business, flushed the toilet, then stopped to ponder the short distance between the whirlpool of human waste and your vulnerable toothbrush on the counter? Or are you a proponent of storing your toothbrush ...
This Morning Habit Could Be Secretly Damaging Your Teeth
Some people can't get to the sink fast enough in the mornings, while others prefer to brush their teeth after they eat breakfast — but ...
When You Need to See a Dermatologist
You might think of seeing a skin specialist for cosmetic procedures, to freshen skin or to get rid of lines. But do you recognize the ...
Five of the most effective foods in lowering your blood pressure
High blood pressure is a condition that affects both young and old people. Alarming is the fact that it is one of the main factors that ...
Alternative Medicine
What does science say about the effects of meditation?
Practicing meditation or mindfulness techniques is, at least anecdotally, supposed to smooth your way to a happier, more healthful life ...
Medical News Today
Alcohol, caffeine are common triggers of irregular heart rhythm
The most common triggers of atrial fibrillation - an irregular heart rhythm that's a leading cause of stroke - are avoidable behaviors ...
What to Eat to Gain Weight
When you're struggling to gain weight, eating enough food to see the scale go up can be overwhelming. It's tempting to simply grab ...
How Diet Affects Your Sleep (And Sleep Affects Your Diet)
Not sleeping well? It could be something you ate. Generally speaking, sleeping well can help you eat well — and eating well can help you ...
Healthy And Fit Magazine
Here's Everything You Need to Know About Gut Health
It's hardly news that the gastrointestinal tract is important to human health: It transports food from the mouth to the stomach, converts ...
What Are The Risks Of A B12 Deficiency For Vegans And Vegetarians?
There are lots of ways in which adopting a vegan diet can improve your health, but there's one way in which it can be incredibly detrimental ...
Coach Magazine
This is the most expensive prescription drug in US
Prescription drug prices have gone sky-high in the United States and they will likely keep rising. Medication prices rose by an average ...
Fox News
"It's OK if you disagree with my diagnosis. I can prescribe something to make you less disagreeable."
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What is the most expensive cooking spice?
See the answer below.
Eliminate Acid Reflux
Oxidation in our bodies causes inflammation, cellular damage disease and speeds up the aging process. It is caused by free radicals ...
Inspire Health
What Year Was It?
Pony Express Debuts
What Year
The first Pony Express mail, traveling by horse and rider relay teams, simultaneously leaves St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California.
The day was Apr 3. What year was it?
Quote of the Week
"Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other."
Joseph Addison
Trivia Answer
What is the most expensive cooking spice?
Answer: Saffron
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