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October 30, 2020

Lodge Furniture Available This Weekend

The pictures below are Lodge furniture that is being offered to Lodges that have been damaged by hurricanes. The furniture is located in Houston, TX, and was used in Walter M. Pierson Lodge #1339. They have sold their building and must be out by the first of November.  The only catch is that someone will need to go pick up the items in Houston. So, if any of our Lodges are interested please contact the Grand Secretary’s office for more information on who to contact to make arrangements for pickup.


Does your lodge need financial aid from the Grand Lodge Hurricane Relief Fund?

If you are a member of a  lodge in need of assistance,
you may request funds directly to the Grand Lodge.

Completed applications for Lodge Relief from Hurricane Laura may be mailed to :

The Grand Lodge of Louisiana, F. &A.M.
Attn: Masonic Relief
5746 Masonic Drive
Alexandria, LA  71301        

You may also email the completed application to or
If you would like to donate to aid lodges through the Grand Lodge, you may send donations to the address above. For Checks: Tax-deductible donations can be made through the Masonic Library/Museum Foundation
(501 (c)3 / Fed. I.D. #27.1366610) -. Please include "Hurricane Relief" in Memo section. 


oBy Lindsey J. Smith,
Originally published in
The California Freemason "Noir" Issue


"He sat on the side of the bathtub watching her and the open door. No sound came from the living-room… He put his pistols on the toilet-seat and, facing the door, went down on one knee… He did not find the thousand-dollar bill. When he had finished he stood up holding her clothes out in his hands to her. “Thanks,” he said. “Now I know.”

William Arney’s life took a turn the day he bought his gray fedora. It was November 1981; the purchase was in celebration of his big move to San Francisco, the cool gray city. Three months earlier, he’d arrived on a one-way ticket from Illinois with nothing more than his two suitcases and a job interview lined up. Turns out the fedora was a savvy move; that winter was a wet one. Arney paired the hat with a gray trench coat, cutting such a striking figure around town that a friend suggested he start reading Dashiell Hammett’s hard-boiled detective novels. The tip resonated with Arney, who plunged himself into the classic San Francisco writer’s crime dramas, including The Continental Op, The Thin Man, and Red Harvest. Arney, now a member of Marin Lodge No. 191 and California No. 1, was hooked.

A year later, he signed up for a Hammett-themed walking tour of downtown San Francisco, visiting the real-life sites described in the novelist’s most famous stories. The tour stopped outside the unassuming building at 891 Post Street, where the writer lived from 1926 to 1929 and wrote his first three novels, including his most celebrated, The Maltese Falcon. He didn’t think much of it. But the memory of the building stayed with Arney for more than a decade, until one night in 1993 when he passed by the corner in a taxi and noticed a “For Rent” sign in the window.

Talk about foreshadowing. Arney, already something of a Hammett fanatic, was buzzing. But he needed to know if the available unit was actually the great writer’s. Hammett’s letters from the time bear the return address of 891 Post Street, but never listed a specific apartment number. So, like a gumshoe from the Continental Op detective agency, Arney started digging for clues. First he turned to his well-thumbed copy of The Maltese Falcon, in which the protagonist, detective Sam Spade, lives in an apartment widely believed to be modeled on Hammett’s own. Arney, an architect by trade, sketched a layout of Spade’s flat based on descriptions from the book, mostly in three key scenes. Then he compared those with a blueprint of the 1917 building.

The plans he found weren’t very detailed, but they did contain the original design of the bathroom. The Maltese Falcon ends with an iconic scene in which Spade searches the femme fatale, Brigid O’Shaughnessy, for a key piece of evidence in the bathroom of his apartment: He sat on the side of the bathtub watching her and the open door. No sound came from the living-room… He put his pistols on the toilet-seat and, facing the door, went down on one knee… He did not find the thousand-dollar bill. When he had finished he stood up holding her clothes out in his hands to her. “Thanks,” he said. “Now I know.”

To Arney, that was crucial intel: The room was shaped such that Spade could sit on the edge of the tub, within reach of the toilet seat, and still leave enough room for O’Shaughnessy to stand between him and the door. “Just with those criteria, I was able to eliminate almost every apartment in the building,” he says. READ MORE...

CLICK HERE to find out how you can donate.


October Masonic Web Presentations

Josef Wäges: The Early Scot Masters
Wednesday, November 04, 2020 / 9 pm CST

One of the earliest, if not the first, true high degrees in Freemasonry, that of Scots or Scotch Master, has always proved the most intriguing and elusive. Join us while Josef Wages shares cutting edge research into one of the most enigmatic rituals in the history of the Craft.

Josef Wäges is the editor of ‘The Secret School of Wisdom – the Authentic Rituals and Doctrines of the Illuminati’;  ‘L’École secrète de sagesse, Rituels et doctrines authentiques des Illuminati: Une école secrète de Sagesse’; and for ‘On Materialism and Idealism and A Treasury of Coën Texts in Two Volumes’. Josef is currently preparing the forthcoming books, ‘Ecossais Masonry: A History of the High Degrees from the Scots Master to the Order of the Royal Secret’ for SRRS, and ‘The Columbian Illuminati, The Improved System of the Illuminati’. Masonically, Josef is a member of Plano Lodge No. 768, Fate Lodge No. 802, the Dallas Valley of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (32º, Southern Jurisdiction). He is a Fellow of the Grand College of Rites, a full member of the Texas Lodge of Research and the Michigan Lodge of Research, is a life member of the Missouri Lodge of Research, and is a member of the Blue Friars. 
Register Here

Dr. John L. Cooper: St. John the Evangelist in Freemasonry
Sunday, December 27, 2020 / 9 pm CST

St. John the Evangelist is one of the two most prominent patrons saints of the Craft. Join Dr. John L. Cooper as he explores the story, symbolism, and enduring relevance of this figure. 

John L. Cooper III is a past grand master and grand secretary of the Grand Lodge of California. He has also served as senior councilor of the Southern California DeMolay Association and is an honorary member of the International Supreme Council. Much of his Masonic career has involved researching and writing on the history and symbolism of Freemasonry.
Register Here
Below is a selection from The Grand Lodge
of Minnesota's Weekly Webinar Series.

Click the topic to register, attendees are limited to 100 per session.
11/4/2020 /  7:00 PM     Build a Better Beehive; Tyler     MW John Cook & WM Larry Lyman
11/11/2020 /  7:00 PM     Build a Better Beehive; Marshal     RWB Rolf Widstrand & WB Chris Wendover
11/18/2020 /  7:00 PM     Build a Better Beehive; Stewards     WB Shawn Carrick & WB Brad Phelps
11/25/2020 /  7:00 PM **Holiday Break**  
12/2/2020 /  7:00 PM     Build a Better Beehive; Chaplain      WB Jerry Oliver & WB Brad Phelps
12/9/2020 /  7:00 PM     Build a Better Beehive; Deacons     WB Foster Solem & WB Shannon Krecklau
12/16/2020 /  7:00 PM     Build a Better Beehive; LEO     WB Andy Niemyer & Bro. Hans Neisz
12/23/2020 /  7:00 PM *Holiday Break**  
12/30/2020 /  7:00 PM     Build a Better Beehive; Secretary     RWB Keith Reierson & WB Justin Thompson     
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