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August 27, 2021

Out of an abundance of caution, the Grand Lodge Offices, and the Louisiana Masonic Library and Museum, will be will be closed Monday, August 30, 2021.

Hymns To The Gods - No. 4

by Albert Pike


Where art thou, Dionusos? On the hills
Of some fair land afar, where sweet wine fills
The clustered grapes, dost stain thy ripe lips red
With rich old juice, that men long ages dead—
Thy votaries — pressed and hid? Dost thou hold up
'Twixt thee and the sun thy jewel-cinctured cup,
With luminous rubies brimmed? Or doth thy car,
Lit by the blaze of the far northern star,
Roll over Thracia's hills, while all around
Shout thy mad bacchanals, and rings the sound
Of merry revelry, and distant men
Start at thy clamor? Or in some cool glen
Reclinest thou, under dark ivy leaves,
Idling the day off, while each mad Faun weaves
Gay garlands for thee, sipping a great bowl
Of stout, strong wine; and the dismaying roll
Of thy all-conquering wheels no more is heard,
But thy strong tigers, with no fierce dream stirred,
Crouch at thy feet?
Iacchos! come to meet
Thy worshippers, that here with merry word
Of olden song thy godhead long to greet.

Oh, thou who lovest pleasure! at whose heart
Wine's warmth is always felt; who takest part
In all mad, wanton mirth; who in the dance
Of merry maidens joinest, where the glance
Of bright black eyes, and twinkling of white feet,
Of lovely girls delight thee, when they meet
Under the summer moon!—Giver of peace
To all careworn, sad men!—whose smiles make cease
The piercing pains of grief; for whom young maids
Weave ivy garlands, and in pleasant glades
Hang up thine image, and, with happy looks,
Go dancing round, while shepherds, with long crooks,
Join the glad company, and glide about
With merry laugh and many a hearty shout,
Staining with rich dark grapes each little cheek
That most they love; and then, with sudden freak,
Seizing the willing hand, and dancing on
About the green mound:—Oh, thou merry son
Of supreme JOVE!
Wherever thou dost rove,
Among the thick vines, come, ere day is done,
And let us too thy sunny influence prove.

Where art thou, CONQUEROR!—before whom fell
The jewelled kings of Ind, when the strong swell
Of thy great multitudes came on them, and
The mystic thursos in thy red right hand
Was shaken over them, till every soul
Grew faint, as smit with lightning; when the roll
Of thy great chariot-wheels was on the neck
Of mighty potentates; till thou didst check
Thy tigers and wild lynxes on the shore
Of the Indian sea, and still its angry roar
With sparkling and delicious Grecian wine
Poured on its waters, till the contented brine
Gave forth new odors, and a pleasant scent
Of rare perfume; and haggard men, all spent
With long, sharp sickness, drank in life anew,
When the rich sea-breeze through their lattice blew
Bacchos! who tramplest Care with thy soft feet,
Oh, hither turn thy tigers, strong and fleet,
And light our happy isles
With the radiance of thy smiles!
Come, with thy hair dewy with wine, and meet
Those who, for thee, have trod the weary miles.
Come to our ceremony! Lo, we rear
An altar of green turf, the sea-beach near,
And garland it with vine-shoots, and the leaf
Of glossy ivy. Come! and chase all grief
Far from us! Lo! upon the turf we pour
Full cups of wine, till all along the shore
Eddies the luscious odor. See! a mist
Is rising from the wine-stained turf — (Ah, hist!—
Alas! 'twas not his cry!)—Come with thy train
Of riotous Satyrs, pouring forth a strain
Of utmost shrillness on the noisy pipe.
Come, with thine eye and lip of beauty ripe
And wondrous rare, and let us hear thy wheels
Rolling along the hills, while twilight steals
Quietly up, and dusky sober Night
Is hindered from her star-track by the light
Of thy wild tigers' eyes! Cross the calm sea
With all thy mad and merry company!
The stars shall wax and wane,
And ere day comes again,
We'll wander over hill and vale with thee,
Sending afar a loudly joyous strain.


The Louisiana Masonic Library & Museum has a first edition of Albert Pike's
privately printed volume of "Hymns to the Gods & Other Poems"  from 1873?

Come see it sometime.


The "Fraternal Places" Channel on Youtube

"This channel showcases beautiful, unique and historic Fraternal Places around the world. This channel is largely centered around Freemasonry. However, we will also showcase the beauty of many other historic Fraternal Places."

The brother behind this channel recently took footage of Louisiana lodges along I-20, and will be releasing that video in the near future. Go check out his page, and be on the lookout.

Find It Here

Tidings From Louisiana Lodges

New Master Mason Goes Straight for Proficiency

Brother Dean Paul Moore (center) is the newest Master Mason at Hugh Daspit No. 301 in St. Martinvile, having been raised on May 25, 2021. Bro. Moore wasted no time in becoming proficient in his work and last night at our regularly stated communication, he was awarded his Proficiency Certificate by R∴W∴ Walton Theall, 11th District D∴D∴G∴M∴ (left).

R∴W∴ Theall was assisted by Bro. Moore's mentor and coach, W∴B∴ Jeffrey Foreman, P∴M∴ (right) who is also Bro. Moore’s proud grandfather.  All of the brothers at Hugh Daspit are very proud of Bro. Moore and have no doubt that he will continue in his zeal for Masonry.
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