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Working at YWAM for 1 year now!

I have been staffing at YWAM Salem for 1 YEAR on November 1st! I can't believe it's been a whole year already. The LORD has done so much in my life in these past 365 days, things which I thought would be impossible for me. Since working here I lead an awesome team with Karen to Albania for 2 1/2 months then came back to the campus and been serving and co-leading a street evangelism team in Salem!

Talking to strangers was/is one of my worst fears ever. The LORD has conquered that in my life. Now I'm a part of an evangelism team. All in the span of 1 year. Reaching over 300+ people with the Gospel. All glory to Jesus. 

Gospel Focus Ministries 
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Out talking to people about Jesus with my good friend Randy. He volunteers with us and is a mentor. Great time out there, got to talk to a gentleman who had a Slovac background.
Our ministry went to a "UFO event" in Mccninville, OR on a weekend in September. There we had 2 booths set up. One booth had a banner saying "HAS THE GREAT INVASION ALREADY HAPPENED?", and the other booth had "HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH AN ALIEN, NO COST" and "Do you believe in God and Aliens?"

And let me tell you, we had so many great conversations that day, 5+ hours of fruitful conversations. Surprisingly, there were more people who didn't believe in aliens than I expected. 

SUMMARY: I had meaningful conversations with 10+ people that day. One girl asked me to sit down with her and I explained the whole Gospel to her right in front of her Mormon friend. Then talked to a teen guy who went to "YoungLife" and wasn't sure if he was saved or not, so we urged him to believe in Christ. Then I talked to this guy who was a runner, and the Gospel message struck him and he was confronted with, "Do I place my faith in Jesus or ignore it?" And it was an awesome conversation!

Street Evangelism

  • The guy at the "UFO" event
It was winding down around this guy approached our tent. We have been there for about 3+ hours already and very eager to talk with strangers. He said his name is "Dalton" and he said he was just running through.

We started to engage in small talk and I eventually asked him, "What are your spiritual beliefs? If you have any?" He replied back with, "I believe in witchcraft and creation." I was expecting "Aliens" but I can roll with it. I asked him "Do you practice witchcraft?" He said, "yeah" and I asked him, "Do you believe in a higher power over creation?" He was kinda stumped but he said "Yeah, I'm not sure." So I gave the analogies if there is a painting then there is a painter, if there is a building then there is a builder, and we can approach the same way with creation. If there is creation then there is a Creator. 

And I told him, "Do you believe this?" He hesitated but he agreed with the statement. The conversation flowed into what Jesus did on the cross and what it means for him. I asked him, "If you stand in front of a holy God would you be guilty or innocent?" He said, "I'd be guilty." So I asked him, "Does that scare you? And do you know what God did for guilty sinners? He told me, "Yeah that concerns me." So we started to talk more about what this means for him and what he can do to have a relationship with the LORD.

After about 20 minutes or so the Gospel message struck him and he was confronted with, "Do I place my faith in Jesus or ignore it?

Though he didn't do it right then and there, that was a HUGE seed that was planted. May the LORD open his eyes and receive Jesus' love. Please pray for this man.
  • Slovic gentleman

On a cold Tuesday morning, I went out with Randy and Dave to head to the downtown mall and ask people if they wanted to talk right on the streets. I've been eagerly wanting to meet up and have a one-on-one conversation with a guy my age who struggled growing up in the church. I really wanted to encourage and just be friends with somebody and walk alongside someone in this journey called life. I wasn't expecting it to be today though. 

I saw this guy approach us, probably heading to work and busy. But I still asked him, "Hey good morning, can I ask you the question of the day?" He replied back, "yeah." So I asked him, "Well my name is Bryant. What do you think about eternity?" He was obviously thrown off by the question because it was so random and a very deep question. He said, "Well I would like to hope there is something better after, I would like to end up in a good place." And I said with concern but with a smile, "Well I want that for you also." 

He knew the idea of "heaven" and "hell" because he, later on, was saying how he knows he has done bad and if he was judged by God it would be some sort of punishment. I shared with him some scriptures talking about how if you believe in Jesus even after you die you get to live with Him because He took on the punishment of sin (which is death). 

After I shared this with him, he said he goes to a Slovic Fist Baptist Church and told me he has a lot of doubts and questions that he wants to ask people. He seems very genuine and I told him because he was grabbing lunch on his break that we could exchange phone numbers and meet up. And guess what... he told me that he would like to meet up. So please pray that this happens and that he would put his faith in Jesus.
I got invited to play basketball by some Mormons in Salem! Every Wednesday night. It's a great opportunity for friendship evangelism. 
With the new Fall Discipleship Training School (DTS) taking them out on the streets of Salem having conversations about Jesus to people. One of the students who is only 17 years old, praying for acknowledgment of Jesus to these kids and maturity in Christ. 

My highlights! All praise to God

My wonderful girl Karen lead worship for the Training school for "Ministry Night" and it was so amazing, the LORD moved in my heart.
Justin and his family took Karen and I out for a "Rainers" baseball game! So awesome to see a beautiful family serving the LORD and blessing us with a fun day with their amazing kids.
My mom got a puppy Rottweiler and his name is Cooper and he is the cutest ever! I love seeing my family on the weekends when I come up. Love you family!
Here is a beautiful fall photo that was taken of our Campus where I work. YWAM Salem, OR.

Calling all Christians!


The simple message I want to tell you... Jesus is coming back soon, let's rejoice in that beautiful truth. So... with that truth, let's tell others about Jesus' love and that they can find life in believing in Him.

My challenge for you... is tell 1 person in the next month about this.

And please feel free to tell me about it.

Prayers for me!
  1. For the LORD to move in power in me by the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel.
  2. For the LORD to direct Karen and I's relationship in what God wants. For wisdom, discernment, love, blessings, & favor from the LORD. 
  3. Pray for a gentleman named, "Dalton" who I talked to at the "UFO" event, and "Nick" who I met on the streets.
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"But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinnersChrist died for us."
Romans 5:8
"nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Romans 8:39
Prayer and Praise

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