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Getting rich, one step at the time

Everybody dreams about getting rich, and when you start reading into personal finance it moves from rich to something more in the line of financial independence or financial freedom. We've learned before about how to determine your net worth and what your net worth should be at this age. But this shows you how rich you are, not how close you are to financial independence. Let's have a look today at the difference steps to take and find out where you are on the road to financial independence

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Financial independence, if you've ever read anything on personal finance in recent years you can't have missed this. If that's the goal, then where are you now? Can you stop along the way? Read now about the journey to financial independence.
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Children are a joy to have and you would give them everything if you could. But what if they never stop asking for more? Is there harm in never stopping to provide for your children, even far into adulthood? Read here about why you should get your children off the money train.
Increase spending relates to increased happiness, but what if you keep spending and the happiness stops? Maybe you've gone beyond ENOUGH into overconsumption. Read about the importance of enough here!
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