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All parents want the best for the kids, right?

You might think otherwise, after the upcoming article on financial aid coming next Wednesday. 

Think about student loans, should your parents help you to avoid them or not? Maybe after seeing how student loans can kill your potential for buying a home - perhaps you might feel different. Let me know how you feel about student loans, a burden or an opportunity? Interact on socials media and let's get the opinions rolling!

I am always open to new suggestions or requests - do reach out and I might make a new spreadsheet or article based on your questions!

Whenever you have a question, remark or bug to tell me, please do reach out by e-mail or via the website
During this COVID-19 time, I will attempt to publish twice a week 
~Check it out on Mondays and Wednesdays~!

Starting June, this frequency might vary.


This ~ Mortgage Monday ~ we take on the last of the mortgage basics! The mortgage calculator is available, but how do those other obligations like student loans or alimony fit in? Find out now!
On Wednesday, we will talk about financial support by parents. The good, the bad and the ugly potential consequences that this might have. Don't miss this if you have kids or parents! Find it on Wednesday!
Check it out NOW!


Last ~ Mortgage Monday ~, we talked about mortgage insurance - what types are there and are they something to avoid or benefit from? Have a look!
On Wednesday, we talked about how long (or short) life is and how to visualize this very abstract sense of time - including a dynamic Life Calendar! Check it out!
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