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Working until you drop?

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The majority of people spend a lot of time at work - some spend more time in the office than they do at home. There is a growing trend that has reach (relative) popularity over the last decade, benefitting of the ease that the internet brings to share knowledge and ideas around the world. This trend is FI/RE or Financially Independent, Retire Early. I want to spend some time telling you about this way of life and in a next post, I will talk more about the different forms FI/RE can take. 
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Reaching FI/RE needs a good plan, you will need to be saving enough money, find ways to build more wealth, and use the power of compound interest to get enough
The biggest danger in a happy FI/RE life is lifestyle inflation, not only will it hurt your FI/RE numbers - it can destroy your retirement if not accounted for on time! Learn now!
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