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Life passes us by, and before we notice we are in the middle of our career – wondering where our time and money went. To illustrate this, I provide a money tracker and a life calendar to measure exactly that!

During the summer, I am providing an instruction for each of my worksheet on how to work with them. Check out the next batch todays!

I am always open to new suggestions or requests - do reach out and I might make a new spreadsheet or article based on your questions! Reach out by e-mail or via the website


In order for your net worth to grow – it is important to follow your spending habits month by month in order to stimulate a change in your spending habits. For this, I created a money tracker where you can track your income and expenses month by month. Try out the Money Tracker Now!
All it needs is your date of birth and you can immediately visualize how many weeks of your life have passed! Enter your desired retirement age and you can see how much time you've got left to obtain your goals. A powerful tool, try out the Life Calendar Now!
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I remember going to a workshop several years back and a lady started handing out toilet paper, telling to count 1 sheet per decade you've lived and remove that from the paper we were handed. Being told that this is about the amount of time we have left a powerful message to use.  

Check out how in Making the most of life
When the money is gone, is there still month left over? Stop running out of money before the end of the month with good budgeting strategies. Hate budgeting? I’ll talk about anti-budgeting as an alternative – let’s dive into the wonderful world of budgeting.

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