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Did you catch all the bonus content?

This week we will put our third BONUS calculator online - be sure not to miss it - did you catch the other two? Our Net Worth Calculator ánd the Net Worth Health Check? They go great together!

Be sure to catch this weeks Tax-free gifting calculator if you are curious how to get free money in the Netherlands. Also we continue to learn about mortgage basics, this week how long should your mortgage term be?

Whenever you have a question, remark or bug to tell me, please do reach out by e-mail or via the website
During this COVID-19 time, I will attempt to publish twice a week 
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We continue ~ Mortgage Mondays ~, talking about mortgage terms. How long should you keep your mortgage? 30-years, 15-years? Find out today!
On ~ Wealth Wednesday ~ we will talk about gifting money (tax-free!) and what considerations to make before doing so.
Check Wednesday for our BONUS!
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Last week we started with ~ Mortgage Mondays ~, with a double special! An overview article of what to expect the coming weeks and the first article talking about how much home you can afford!
On ~ Wealth Wednesday ~ we continued our discussion on Net Worth. Including a BONUS Net Worth Calculator free to download at the end of the article! Check it out!
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