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Analyzing your current situation is a crucial start for where you want to go (or can go). Amazing worksheets are available all around, but they are usually very complicated and often not very user-friendly. This is of course a problem if you are not a computer wizard, and works as a gatekeeper into proper financial education. To open the gates to all, I try to provide easy-to-use worksheets for all! Be sure to share them!

Getting back to providing the best content, I decided to provide a separate download section for all my (coming) worksheets. For those not too confident with worksheets, I provide an instruction for each sheet on how to work with them. Check out the first pages todays!

I am always open to new suggestions or requests - do reach out and I might make a new spreadsheet or article based on your questions!
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There are several ways that the financial guru’s use to say your net worth should be. To help facilitate your net worth health check, I created a worksheet to help you visualize where you are in your financial journey.
Net worth – the all-important number in the world of personal finance. To help facilitate the calculation of your net worth, I created this worksheet  to calculate your total net worth automatically.
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Ever wondered where your financial journey should be at your current age? Did you save enough money – or has your lifestyle inflation stumped your path to becoming a millionaire? Curious to try comparing your net worth to others? Check out 4 ways to check your financial health
You know how much money you are worth right? You might be surprised! Net worth tracking, the only way to really determine your personal capital – the financial capital that is – and get an idea of your financial wealth. Check out Where did all your money go? Tracking your net worth
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