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Your mortgage, a burden or a blessing?

If you've looked around the (Dutch) personal finance area - you'll definitely have found some 'financial influencers' talking about how you should get rid of your mortgage ASAP!? It saved their life! Well this week we'll have a look whether they are wrong!? Also, on Wednesday, we'll have a look at the paradoxical advice that you can find about what the perfect friends are.

I am always open to new suggestions or requests - do reach out and I might make a new spreadsheet or article based on your questions!

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During this COVID-19 time, I will attempt to publish twice a week 
~Check it out on Mondays and Wednesdays~!

Starting June, this frequency might vary.


Continuing on ~ Mortgage Monday ~ we take our lessons from the mortgage basics and apply them! We look at why, the how and the what of pre-paying your mortgage. Find out now!
On Wednesday, we will talk about friends - what is the type of friend you should hang out with? Don't miss this if you have friends (or are looking for some)!
Find it on Wednesday!
Check it out NOW!


Last ~ Mortgage Monday ~ we took on the last of the mortgage basics! The mortgage calculator is available, but how do those other obligations like student loans or alimony fit in? Find out now!
We talked about financial support by parents. The good, the bad and the ugly potential consequences that this might have. Don't miss this if you have kids or parents! Find it here!
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