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Savings rate

Perhaps a familiar term, but do you know what it really means? This week we'll take a look at what to include in a savings rate and also introduce a new worksheet that allows us to calculate how and when retirement is in the realm of possibilities! 

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What would it take for you to quit your job right now? Or in five years from now? People eager to retire as early as possible have noted saving as much as possible will hasten your moment to quit that job. With that in mind, I thought to have a look at the math behind the savings rate and why you may or may not be willing to maximize it. Check it out now!
Many people are curious on when they can retire with their current saving habits. With this worksheet, I try to provide flexibility for personal situations as well as proper visual aids. Supplementary to the article on savings rate have a look at this retirement grid.
Check it out NOW!


Saving is important in budgeting, if not the goal. Are you keeping track of your income and expenses? Try out my free Money Tracker!
A savings rate is instrumental for increasing your Net worth - have you already downloaded my free Net Worth Calculator?
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