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Sharing is caring, but quite difficult!

Having spent more time on mortgages and homeownership than I had antipicated (I just wanted one, maybe two articles but felt it needed a lot of background knowledge), I felt it only right to end my rant on a personal note. Sharing with your my journey to homeownership and how I feel about it after learning all that we've learned in recent weeks. I thought this would be eay, just talking about myself right? Well turns out, I am not that much of an online storyteller when it comes to personal issues - it took a bit longer than anticipated, but I hope that means you'll enjoy it even more!

I am always open to new suggestions or requests - do reach out and I might make a new spreadsheet or article based on your questions!

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This ~ Mortgage Monday ~ might be the last one in a while as I disclose my experiences purchasing a home and comparing it to what we've learned in the mortgage articles thusfar. Have a look at what I would(n't) do differently, knowing what I know now.
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Last ~ Mortgage Monday ~ we continued to take our lessons from the mortgage basics and apply them! We looked at what is the better deal, buying or renting. Find out here!
Continuing ~ Mortgage Monday ~ we took our lessons from the mortgage basics and applied them! We look edat why, the how and the what of pre-paying your mortgage. Find out now!
We talked about friends - what is the type of friend you should hang out with? Don't miss this if you have friends (or are looking for some)!
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