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To budget or not to budget, is it a question?

Few people like to think about budgeting, even less about taxes - this might change after this week as we tackle both topics to find out it isn't all that bad and their are even benefits to be found! Hope you enjoy a good week in good health!

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During this COVID-19 time, I will attempt to publish twice a week 
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This ~ Mortgage Monday ~, we talk about taxes and how homeownerships gives you a break. What are the breaks and are they going to stay? Find out now!
On Wednesday, we will talk about about budgeting (or not budgeting) - what rules to spending are there to follow? Find out on Wednesday!
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Last ~ Mortgage Monday ~, we talked about interest rates and how long to fix them for. Did you find out wat the pros and cons are? Find out now!
On Wednesday, we talked about when one has enough and how important it is to realize that you have enough. Did you check it out on Wednesday!
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