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The Rundown

Brief Updates
  • Council finalized changes to the B-1 Zoning District.
  • We successfully advocated for the first staffing increase to the Fire Department in over 10 years.
  • Provided additional CARES Funding to Local Business.
  • Is Lynchburg A Blue City?
  • Enjoy a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving.
  • Learning About Our Infrastructure.
  • Council adopted our finalized version of the 2021 Legislative Agenda.

Happy Thanksgiving

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

We cannot wait for this year to pass and take away the trials brought with it. Yet, I challenge you to find a moment and reflect on the blessings you have in life, albeit the hardest year of a generation.

What am I thankful for in 2020?
- A savior named Jesus.
- A loving and exceptional community in Lynchburg.
- A church.
- A family.
- A platform and opportunity to serve. 
- A dog named Duke. 
- A country like no other.
- A heart and mind at peace knowing who is in control.

Is Lynchburg A "Blue" City?

My Thoughts

Lynchburg voters sided with Joe Biden by a margin of 49.63% to 47.02%, or +2.61 points. This is the first time our community has gone for the Democrat Presidential Nominee in a lifetime. So is Lynchburg a "blue" city? 

I would confidently say: no.

For those saying our community is now a Democrat city, explain how that same voter base that supported Joe Biden also solidly expressed their support behind a Freedom Caucus conservative in Ben Cline with a margin of 53.33% to 46.50%, or +6.83 points. It doesn't get much more conservative than Ben Cline.

Also, the Commonwealth's Attorney in the City who is elected At-Large, is a Republican; the Sheriff who is elected At-Large, a Republican; the Commissioner of the Revenue and Treasurer, again elected At-Large, and both Republican. Out of the eleven elected officials for the City of Lynchburg, six are registered with the local Republican Party or 54% majority. 

In the City Council elections from this past May, conservatives pulled in 4,867 votes across the city compared to the Democrat endorsed candidates' 3,986, or a 54% majority.

In short, no, I fundamentally disagree that Lynchburg is a "blue city." There is certainly more work to be done within the City in growing the local party; but, given the craziness of 2020, the irregularities and fumbles across the nation for this election, I would contend it is contrary to the facts to say Lynchburg is now a Democrat city. 

Still don't believe me? Well, you'll just have to wait and see.

Let Justice Prevail

Fighting For What Is Right
Below is my letter to the Parole Board strongly opposing the potential release of Earl Inge, a criminal who brutally killed a Lynchburg resident, Mr. Clifford Smith, right in front of his entire family.

Pure evil should not be granted reprieve. The thought of Earl Inge being released back into society reeks of injustice. The Smith family should not have to work through the irregularities mentioned in this report from WSET and relive this horrible memory.

I was proud to stand with Steve NewmanMark Peake for State Senate, Commonwealth's Attorney Bethany Harrison, and Chief Zuidema in expressing opposition to the release of this criminal.

Let justice prevail. You can learn more about this story here.

Truly Advocating For Our Fire Department

Securing The First Staffing Increase In Ten Years

Amidst all of the madness that is 2020, it is so nice to have secured a WIN for our most essential workers, our Public Safety personnel.

During my campaign, I made it a point to clearly community the priority of our firefighters, police officers, medics, and so on. Along with Councilman Jeff Helgeson, I couldn't be more excited to have delivered on that campaign platform.

At Councilman Helgeson's motion, and my second, as well as after some hesitation, we successfully convinced City Council to allocate funds specifically for the additional Medic Unit that is likely to be stationed at Station 8. This station serves a large portion of the southern end of town, off of Timberlake Road. Finally, we are moving towards a fully staffed medic unit for the southern portions of Ward III and IV. It may take some time to have it fully operational, but the actions that were taken at this meeting solidify a path forward. Ultimately, this will save lives.

As I mention in this video, not only is this good for our community, but for the men and women who wear the uniform. Having this additional unit will provide relief to an overworked and taxed workforce. I have seen firsthand the tireless, life-saving dedication of our Fire Department and I will continue to do all I can for their benefit.

There is certainly more work to be done on this front, and I stand ready to advocate when that time arrives.

My comments and strong advocacy for adding this staffed medic unit to our ranks.

How Can I Get Involved?

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Defending Neighborhoods

Finalizing the B-1 Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Another victory, this time for our neighborhoods and private property!

Through very strong advocacy by the Richland Hills Neighborhood Association, Councilman Jeff Helgeson and I were able to move to amend our B-1 Zoning Ordinance to provide further oversight on potential business development when adjacent to residential areas.

These amendments will not only benefit the Richland Hills area but the entire City, as they aim to protect residential property rights. I am very pleased Council took our recommendation to include the requirement of a Conditional Use Permit on any development in a B-1 Zone seeking to include residential.

As mentioned in my commentary via the video, this will provide further oversight by the Planning Commission and City Council to assure these developments do not infringe on residential neighborhoods and their property.

This Councilmember may be the newest addition to the City's elected body, but I will always advocate for our residents' property rights and do my best to assure representative oversight of development.

Sharing My Thoughts And Support Of The Zoning Changes.

Lynchburg Must #BackTheBlue

Let's Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

This past weekend is proof of the merit for investing in law enforcement personnel, defending them, and protecting our community. I'm calling on my colleagues on Council to send a clear message that Lynchburg backs the Blue and will invest in our police officers.

"The rise in shootings is an issue City Council is aware of.
Chris Faraldi, a Lynchburg City Council Member, says, 'This is just indicative of the environment we are in. We need more law enforcement personnel more than anything else.'

In prior City Council meetings, council unanimously said they want to budget for more officers for the department over the next few years.

Faraldi hopes they all keep that promise.

'It's my belief Council in the past has not made law enforcement enough of a priority,' says Faraldi. 'It's very easy to express verbal support of these men and women; yet, it's entirely another thing to back them with the funding they need. Let's put our money where our mouth is and protect our community."'

Watch more of the story here.

Community Spotlight

What the 💩!

I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Lynchburg Wastewater Treatment Plant. What an experience, and stench! This is a process that many in our community, including myself, don't think about terribly often (if ever). Yet how important is this critical service?

I was able to witness this highly technical, scientific process of taking our waste, purifying it, and returning it to our water system. Whenever life returns to normal and you are given the opportunity to take a look, I highly recommend it.
Here is some more info on the plant itself:

The Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant is located on 19 acres off Concord Turnpike in the City of Lynchburg. Operations are run twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by operators and supervisors, laboratory personnel, chemists, maintenance and grounds staff. Twenty four buildings with over 500 pieces of equipment make up the fifteen processes that are used in the treatment of sewage that arrives at the plant each day. The plant treats an average of 13 million gallons a day with a peak of 36 – 40 million gallons. It serves the City of Lynchburg as well as the Counties of Amherst, Bedford and Campbell. Everything that leaves homes, businesses, industries, hospitals, and storm drains enters the sewer collection systems and eventually arrives at the treatment plant.

Chris in the News

Articles on Lynchburg City Council

     Thank you for the opportunity to serve you on Lynchburg City Council as the representative from Ward IV.


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