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The Rundown

Brief Updates
  • Early Voting for the November Election is now open through October 31st. 
  • Lynchburg City Schools has rolled out a hybrid approach called "Return to Learn."
  • On my motion, Council initiated a process for revising the B-1 Zoning District. See below for further explanation. 
  • I opposed the development of an apartment complex off of Old Forest Road.  

Gearing Up for November

As the November General Election approaches, it is important we are all educated on three primary ways to cast your vote. 

  • On Election Day
  • Early In-Person at the Registrar (M-F, 9 to 5, 825 Kemper St.)
  • By Mail
The deadline to register to vote is October 13th

I am supporting the Republican ticket in Lynchburg, which is President Trump and Vice-President Pence; Daniel Gade for Senate; and, Representative Ben Cline. 

There are also two questions on your ballot. The first is regarding fair redistricting in the Commonwealth. The Second supports our Veterans. I am supporting both measures, and am able to provide further information on these items if you need. Don't hesitate to respond to this email or give me a call. 
From September 27th: Out knocking for Ben Cline and Daniel Gade this afternoon talking to voters about the importance of this election. Early voting has started and the election is November 3rd!

Revising The B-1 Zoning District Ordinance

Advocating For Your Neighborhood

One of the dangers of government is the enactment of new policies, ordinances, rules, etc., without having robust debate and discussion on the unintended consequences of a proposal.

For today's email, I am focusing on the Logan's Landing II project (7.6 acres, 123 apartments, 17 commercial units, 259 parking spaces, a pool/pool house, and nearly 190,000 square feet in 4 buildings) across the street from Heritage High School, and adjacent to the Richland Hills subdivision.

This area is zoned B-1, and due to loopholes in the current ordinance, the Planning Commission nor Council was involved in approving this massive development. Imagine you are a resident of a neighborhood for 20 years and this kind of development started right in your backyard with no elected or appointed oversight. If this development did come to Council I would've opposed this and advocated my colleagues do the same. Unfortunately, this did not occur and now the neighbors are left handcuffed. 

In the last City Council meeting, at my motion, Council initiated a process to adopt revisions to the B-1 Zoning District to protect neighborhoods and your property. Here is an itemized list of the amendments:

  • Increased setbacks if the development is adjacent to lower density residential districts;
  • Clarify that no development can exceed 50,000 square foot maximum gross area;
  • Provide for a maximum lot size and/or a requirement for a series of private or local streets to serve larger B-1 areas; and,
  • Add further explanation to the ordinance of when the ground floor residential units are permitted as part of the mixed-use development.
It is my hope and expectation these amendments protect neighbors from future development in this regard.

Continuing to Prioritize Public Safety

The 24502 Zip Code Deserves A Medic Unit

How far is an ambulance from your residence?

Did you know if you live in the southern portion of the City (Wyndhurst, the Summit, Cornerstone, Windsor Hills, Old Graves Mill, Richland Hills, and even portions off of Wards Road) that a medic unit could be more than four minutes away? In a life or death situation, seconds seem like an eternity, let alone four minutes.

Further, in the past three years, there is a 29% increase in calls for the Old Forest Road Corridor, a 19% increase between Wards Road and Timberlake, and a 15% increase in the Fort Hill to Timberlake Road area, all which is in or near Ward IV.

Now let me be clear, as my conversation with the Fire Chief shows, this is a great indicator our City is growing and developing, particularly in the areas of the community I mentioned above. I commend the men and women in our Fire Department for serving these areas admirably with their current resources. The service the offer our community on a daily basis is top-notch.

Yet, this is a great opportunity to prioritize our Fire Department and offer an improvement. We as Council must make adding this additional medic unit a top priority when we revisit the budget for this year and begin crafting our future budget. I believe acting on this medic unit will directly combat those increases in calls in the southern portions of the City.

I will continue to express my strong support and advocacy for these resources so the communities in Wards III and IV have a medic unit within four minutes. It is my hope the map at the end of this short video gives you an idea of how important this issue is.

The new website is live. Be sure to check out the new and improved as another way to contact me, donate, or learn more about my work serving you on Lynchburg City Council. 
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How Can I Get Involved?

Will you sign-up to automatically contribute just $5 a month to assist with promoting and advancing the conservative platform (continuing this newsletter, digital marketing for issues before Council etc.) within the City? A commitment of $5 a month over the course of four years comes out to over $250, putting the conservative platform in a strong position to be successful. 

Join us, today.

Return To Learn

Moving Forward with Education for Virtual/In Person Education

With the investment our community makes into our school system, which combined with State funds is nearly $100 million, I thought it appropriate to ask direct and substantive questions to our Superintendent, Dr. Edwards, regarding the past 6 months of education and moving forward.

Check out my line of questioning for Dr. Edwards in the video below.

What do you think? What is your reaction to the hybrid approach?

I believe we as Council must take this discussion seriously. That means providing meaningful dialogue, inquiring to assure we continue to provide a quality education, and making fiscally responsible decisions on our largest fiduciary investment, assuring we are getting the most bang for our buck.

I truly commend our teachers for doing their best given the circumstances and parents for admirably navigating these trying times. Thank you, Dr. Edwards, for doing your best to address my questions and informing Council.

View my discussion with our Superintendent regarding the Return to Learn Plan.

Tax Relief

Now Is The Time To Discuss Tax Breaks For Lynchburg

2020 has proven to be a very challenging year for everyone, including families, employees, employers, parents, students, etc.

Specifically, with the additional financial and burdens virtual or hybrid learning puts on families, especially for single parents, I believe Council should have at least a discussion of how to offer some form of a break or rebate of any size. The last thing we as a government should do is inadvertently impose an additional financial burden on families due to not having business as usual in our community.

If there is some possibility for a form of relief, it should be considered and debated. That is why I asked for a Council Work Session in the near future to enable discussions and for ideas to be shared on providing our community some relief.

As your Ward IV Representative, I will continue to advocate for lower taxes in our City.

If you are at all concerned about voting in the November election due to the Post Office or because of potential interaction with a large group of people, I encourage you to VOTE EARLY at the Lynchburg Registrar. Early voting in Virginia runs from September 18th through October 31st.

This is a safe and effective way to see your ballot count while avoiding potential exposure or having it lost or misplaced. In the City Council elections this past spring, I voted in this manner and it worked perfectly, taking less than a couple of minutes. This cuts out the middleman with the Post Office and limits your interaction with others while personally seeing your vote be counted.

Take advantage of this option for sharing your voice in this election!

Lynchburg Registrar
825 Kemper Street
Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm.

For more information on Early Voting, visit:

Community Spotlight

Lynchburg Police officers help transform an empty lot into a new community park.

Spectacular! Way to go, Lynchburg Police Department!

"'In light of all the things going on in the world we want some positive things in our community and to let them know that we are their partners and protectors,' said LPD Lieutenant Rodney Carson."

Click the picture for the full ABC 13 story.

Chris in the News

     Thank you for the opportunity to serve you on Lynchburg City Council as the representative from Ward IV.


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