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The Rundown

Brief Updates
  • Fighting to Expand Public Comment
  • Calling for True Help for our 911 Dispatchers
  • Celebrating Walter Erwin after 42 Years of Service to Lynchburg
  • Updating the Lynchburg GOP
  • Masks in Schools
  • & More

Fighting to Expand Public Comment

Council placed their convenience over your right to engage with us publicly.

In a review of Council's Rules and Procedures at our recent meeting, I made two simple proposals:

  • Allow citizens to comment on any published agenda item before us.
  • Remove limiting language on the frequency by which citizens can address Council on a topic.

A majority of Councilmembers rejected both proposals, claiming these policies would inconvenience the Council too much, and whatever you would share with us would never sink in, no matter how many times a speaker would say it.

I find this extremely unfortunate when some members of Council cite other means by which folks can engage us (like email and phone calls) when those same representatives have also openly stated to the City they will not respond via email simply because of their political affinity. Let me be clear, Councilmembers dictating how, when, and what you can speak on, as was described by some of my colleagues, and cemented in our Rules and Procedures, is wrong.

As a representative, it is my job to listen and afford every opportunity to do so.

While there was a patch-fix on our Rules to address my first concern, it was nothing more than that, a band-aid that didn't fully address the issue, moving the deadline to signup to speak from Wednesday to the Friday prior to our meeting. Further, it was produced by a parliamentary motion that nixed a proposal that truly allowed folks to walk up and speak before Council, on a published agenda item, as they wished.

As far as the second item, Council outright rejected this proposal, again citing how inconvenient it would be to listen to folks frequently advocate for issues they find most dear. I couldn't disagree more, and encourage you to watch some highlights from the debate.

My votes were as follows: against the parliamentary motion to change the overall discussion to the deadline change, for the deadline change, and for removing limiting language on how often you can address Council on a topic.

I will always fight and call for policies that enable more public engagement with the community, not limit it. The video below are the highlights of the debate.

Here is a link to the full discussion.

Fighting to Expand Public Comment
Highlights of our debate over Public Comment before Council

They Don't Need A Pep-Talk, They Need Help

9-1-1 Dispatchers are a critical piece of the Public Safety team in Lynchburg.

Unfortunately, through my line of questioning, Council, and by virtue the community, hears first hand the serious issues the Lynchburg Department of Emergency Services is facing. Here are some of them:

  • Overworked staff, forced to continually work mandatory overtime.
  • Diminished the minimum staff in the Daylight and Evening Shifts.
  • Only 19 Dispatchers when 28 are needed.
  • Degrading compression issues contributing to high turnover.

So, instead of addressing these concerns in the budget, Council approves a $12,000 grant to bring in a speaker for "training?" This does not align with addressing the desperate needs of this department as they are the lifeblood for all Public Safety personnel. The tireless folks in dispatch don't need a lecture, rather, bold policy proposals and budgetary decisions that tackle this issue.

When you call 9-1-1 in Lynchburg, and someone better pick up. Simply bringing in a speaker for a few hours one day will not remotely address the needs of the department or the community. I voted no.

Opposing grant funding for a motivational speaker when department needs are grave

How Can I Get Involved?

Will you sign-up to automatically contribute just $5 a month to assist with promoting and advancing the conservative platform (continuing this newsletter, digital marketing for issues before Council etc.) within the City? A commitment of $5 a month over the course of a four-year term comes out to over $250, putting the conservative platform in a strong position to be successful. 

Join us, today.

Various Updates

  • Council approved a rezoning request for the former Barker-Jennings building in the heart of Lynchburg that will bring revitalization and restoration to a historic building in our community.
  • We also approved the naming of a private driveway and new entrance as HumanKind Way.

Celebrating Mr. Walter Erwin

Walter Erwin just completed a 40+ year career with the City of Lynchburg, primarily as the City Attorney. On July 13th, members of Council, both current and former, came together to thank and express appreciation for Walter as he heads into retirement. 

While my work on Council has only just begun, and Walter's service to the city comes to an end, I thanked him for his devoted service, and his family for sharing him with us all of these years.

He was presented with a Key to the City, as well as a letter from the Governor, a small token for a four-decade career of public service. 

Thank you, sir!
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Updating the Lynchburg GOP

So many were at the Lynchburg Republican City Committee meeting this evening. Folks are certainly fired up about our ticket for the Republican Party of Virginia this year!

I highlighted my conservative representation on Council along with my friend and staunch Republican in Jeff Helgeson this past year, as well as what to look forward to in the coming months. We are doing all we can to keep taxes low, limit the scope of government, and fight for a city of law & order. Unfortunately, our colleagues on Council think otherwise on many, many issues.

Mainly my message was this - do not lose hope, my friends. Elections have consequences, and more folks are paying attention than ever before.

No More Mandates

Below is an email I wrote to the Lynchburg City School Board regarding masks in LCS for this upcoming year. I am convinced this should be optional, left up to individual parents and staff. 

Community Spotlight

Independence Day Weekend this year was quite full...
Friday evening was spent with many of you for fireworks downtown - a spectacular display. Well done, Downtown Lynchburg Association!

Saturday afternoon at Camp Kum-Ba-Ya to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of pool integration, a wonderful piece of Lynchburg History all should know. In 1961 on July 4th, six African-American children and their chaperone were denied entry to the public pool at Miller Park. Instead of promoting integration, the City chose to close all three of their pools, thus avoiding the issue entirely. Later that day, when this small group found their way to the camp, and after heated confrontation by some, Rev. Bev Cosby opened the Camp's brand new swimming pool to all, pushing against the ignorant and repugnant cultural fabric of the day.

Sunday evening was full of joy over at Thomas Road Baptist Church for Celebrate America. Thank you to all who stopped by the Lynchburg Republican City Committee table to say hello and chat. I am thankful for you all who make this community so special.

And finally, after spending time in humble worship at church, I was reminded of the ultimate freedom that was won by the blood of Christ - none of us are truly free without receiving the free gift of His Gospel.

Chris in the News

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you on Lynchburg City Council as the representative from Ward IV.


Chris Faraldi, M.A.
Ward IV Representative
Lynchburg City Council
It's an honor to represent you!
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