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The Rundown

Brief Updates
  • I support Trump, Gade, Cline, and call on you to do the same. 
  • Vote Yes on Amendment 1.
  • Early Voting for the November Election closes tomorrow, October 31st.
  • Lynchburg City Council began discussing a rough draft of the 2021 legislative agenda.
  • After a concerning story of ballots not being handled properly at the Lynchburg registrar, I set forth an expectation and asked for election law to be followed word for word. See more below. 
  • Get out the vote rally for Daniel Gade. See more below.
  • Council rejected adding an additional 10 units to the apartments at midtown. 
  • We continue to narrow our search for a new Executive Hiring firm for our new City Manager. 

Rally for Daniel Gade

This Sunday, November 1st, Daniel Gade, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in the Commonwealth, will be stumping at the Lynchburg Republican headquarters, 1-2pm. Come on out and show your support for Daniel and let's take this seat back from Mark Warner. 

3700 Candlers Mountain Road
Lynchburg, VA 24502

Election Law must be followed word for word and letter for letter.

Recently, I received a letter from the Republican Party of Virginia stating the Lynchburg Registrar had begun pre-processing absentee ballots. This practice is permissible within the Virginia Code.

Pre-processing, however, can only occur if the following stipulation has been met: "at least two officers of election, one representing each party, shall be present."

According to the Lynchburg and Virginia Republican Party, NO party was present. In fact, of those present, they were all listed with "no party affiliation." This is contradictory to state code and wrong.

Here is an excerpt from the Lynchburg Republican City Committee press release on the matter: "This is a misleading label. Although the Lynchburg Democrat party has assigned election officers for years, this year the Lynchburg Democrat party did not designate any officers of election. Instead, officers of election who have served for years as representatives of the Democrats are now 'no party affiliation'. All four election officers used during yesterday’s ballot-counting have previously served as Democrat representatives."

 We had the opportunity to address this concern with the Lynchburg Registrar as their office was seeking additional resources for this election. So, I took this time to set a clear expectation that with these additional resources, election law must be followed word for word and letter for letter.

Folks, this election has been a long and drawn out one. We have all seen the reports of foul play and improper handling of ballots around the country and here in the Commonwealth. Voters must have every assurance their vote counts and are being handled in the proper way. Anything less than that should not happen in our City. Period.

Ballots are sacred documents, fundamental to the American way of life. The protective policies for those ballots are there for a reason, and the citizens of Lynchburg deserve an election above reproach.

I will do all I can to promote just that.

Amending Lynchburg City Schools' Budget

Advocating for smart, cautioned use of tax dollars.
Two weeks ago, Council discussed amending the Lynchburg City Schools’ Fund Budget by approving a resolution allocating nearly $4 million to various one-time expenditures, including a bonus for City Schools employees. Initially, I expressed great hesitation with moving forward with this allocation in its original form because the school division also received Federal CARES funds ($2 million) and assistance from the Commonwealth ($175 per student, or ~$1.365 million). I even asked staff to explain how they planned on using these funds and the response I was given at the time essentially said, “the federal CARES funds have not been spent yet, and we don’t have guidelines for the state funding.”

Now, we arrive at the second meeting for final consideration on this topic. It came to my attention that up to 1,000 students are not participating daily in their online work (also known as Average Daily Participation or attendance). This intensified my reservations two weeks ago. So, I attempted to split the vote between the one-time bonus and the additional resources until we had a more clear picture or plan for all of the funding the school system has received. I wanted to support the aspects of this allocation that I supported, and work through the objects I don’t. It was my hope we could uncover certain aspects of the additional funding from the Federal CARES and state resources that could be used for items that were itemized in last night’s discussion; or we could find other ways to use the local monies for truly making life easier for online education, both for parents and students.

Unfortunately, my efforts were in vain. While I was able to support the frontline staff (bus drivers, nutrition workers, etc.) through a one-time bonus, the majority on Council insisted on spending an additional $2.6 million without a full understanding as to where the extra Federal CARES and State funding can be spent.

I encourage you to watch this robust discussion on my request to delay a portion of this expenditure until we have a full picture and understanding as to where the Federal CARES, state, and local taxpayer dollars can be used. I greatly appreciate Councilman Nelson for supporting my initiative by seconding my motion, as well as Councilman Helgeson for speaking truth into my reasons for delaying the use of these funds.

I will continue to advocate for fiscally sound and conservative strategies for all budgetary items before Lynchburg City Council.
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2021 Legislative Agenda

Laying Out My Priorities For A Very Important Document

At the October 27th City Council meeting, we walked through a rough draft of the 2021 Legislative Agenda for the City of Lynchburg. I'd like to highlight a few things I support:

- Oppose removing Qualified Immunity for law enforcement personnel.

Law enforcement is under attack, to put it plainly. That is why I believe the Council should take the position of protecting our men and women in blue. Qualified Immunity is a critical piece for officers, and the current wave of advocates calling for removing it would make retaining these officers even harder. Advocating for this point backs the blue, and I am proud to support them in any way I can.

- Maintain the "opt-in" option for local governments to engage in public sector collective bargaining.

The City should not be forced into a labor agreement that their elected representation (City Council) did not have any vote or discussion on. Localities, like Lynchburg, should be the final say if we are to enter public sector collective bargaining, not Richmond.

- Including language calling on fewer unfunded mandates from the General Assembly.

Far too often, Richmond comes down with new policies and initiatives, leaving localities to foot the bill. This is wrong and why I believe somewhere in our Agenda should be a statement that we generally oppose more unfunded mandates from the Commonwealth.

As the next iterations of this document unfold, I will continue to make these items a priority and advocate accordingly.

View my discussion with Council on the Legislative Agenda for next year.

National First Responders Day

Another Ride Along With the Fire Department

For this years' #NationalFirstRespondersDay I was out with the brave first responders of the Lynchburg Fire Department for another ride along.

I witnessed first hand the unrelenting service these EMS personnel provide our community. I watched the life-saving strategies and resources used, and am nothing short of amazed. God bless each and every one of you.

I will continue to work on making these men and women a priority for City Hall.

Thank you for all the work you do!

If you are at all concerned about voting in the November election due to the Post Office or because of potential interaction with a large group of people, I encourage you to VOTE EARLY at the Lynchburg Registrar. Early voting in Virginia runs from September 18th through October 31st.

This is a safe and effective way to see your ballot count while avoiding potential exposure or having it lost or misplaced. In the City Council elections this past spring, I voted in this manner and it worked perfectly, taking less than a couple of minutes. This cuts out the middleman with the Post Office and limits your interaction with others while personally seeing your vote be counted.

Take advantage of this option for sharing your voice in this election!

Lynchburg Registrar
825 Kemper Street
Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm.

For more information on Early Voting, visit:

Community Spotlight

What a great evening! Lynchburg's #NationalNightOut was a great success and I cannot wait for next year. It was so refreshing to engage with the community and come together under one common goal - partnership.

National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live.

It was an honor to join our neighbors and fellowship with them, along with other members of Council, City Officials, the Lynchburg Police Department and Lynchburg Sheriff's Office, the Lynchburg Fire Department, and our Commonwealth's Attorney Bethany Harrison.

Lynchburg truly is an exceptional place to live, work, and play.

Chris in the News

     Thank you for the opportunity to serve you on Lynchburg City Council as the representative from Ward IV.


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