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We welcome March, as it is the last month before World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) with one very special highlight: the International Women’s Day on 8 March. Since we dedicated this year’s edition of WTTD to gender equality and FEMpowerment through table tennis, we decided to use this opportunity and extend the celebrations of the International Women’s Day from 1 March until 6 April – commemorating it over the course of five weeks. Keep reading to find out what activities we have planned!
But take some time to get inspired first:

Best practice: "My Gender. My Strength." in Ecuador

In Ecuador, as in so many other countries, sport is a national passion. However, women do unfortunately often get to play a lesser role in it. In order to change this perspective, and to empower young talents with valuable knowledge and training, the Ecuadorian Table Tennis Federation (FETM) was selected for the ITTF High Performance & Development programme “My Gender. My Strength.”. The Federation organised a training camp for female U11 and U13 athletes in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, in November 2019.
Under the premise “Sport knows no gender” (El deporte no tiene género), 28 young female athletes from 8 different provinces took part in a series of lessons from professionals. The team of experts and logistics also consisted 98 % of females. The training camp aimed to enhance their athletes’ talent by teaching valuable leadership skills as well as physical and technical exercises.

Anything is possible

The girls took part in workshops about psychology, biomechanics and physiotherapy – sport-related disciplines that complete a young athlete’s training. Maybelline Menéndez, 2019 U11 Southern and Latin American champion, said that this training camp was “an extraordinary opportunity to acquire new skills and to realise that anything is possible for us girls.”
Nicole Smith Cadena from the FETM said that this experience has been very special for the Ecuadorian Table Tennis Federation, as it was also the opportunity to reflect on their progress in terms of gender equality – and realise where there is still work left to do.

Taking part in High Performance & Development’s programme did not only have impacts on an individual level for the girls. As a result of shifts in mentality and changes implemented on an institutional level, “My Gender. My Strength.” brought success to the Ecuadorian national female teams in the South American and Latin American Table Tennis Championships.
We hope this example from Ecuador could spark some inspiration – in fact, High Performance & Development is looking forward to another round of “My Gender. My Strength.” in 2021!

Celebrating girls and women through table tennis

There is only one month left until 6 April, and in 2021, we focus on gender equality and FEMpowerment through table tennis. We invite everyone to join us by organising their own WTTD event or participate in other events around it to strengthen female participation, performance and leadership in table tennis and to empower our female followers with valuable life skills.
Join some inspiring activities especially planned for women’s month:
  • 8 March: 12hs00 CET: Global workshop “Girls & Women in Sport for All” (in co-operation with TAFISA) Join here!
  • 8 March 15hs00 CET: Online Conference "Gender quality and FEMpowerment in table tennis (in co-operation with High Performance & Development) Register here!
  • 8 March: Weekly Training Lesson "Masters of Skill", Special episode for International Women's Day 2021 (organised by High Performance & Development)
Follow the hashtags #WorldTableTennisDay #FEMpowerment #InspirationalWomen and #FEMCampaign at @ITTFFoundation and @ITTFWorld:
  • Share your FEMpose photo making a strong pose with the hashtags #FEMpowerment and #WorldTableTennisDay!
  • Stay tuned for a virtual interview series of outstanding women in table tennis, released by High Performance & Development from 12 March onwards!
  • And get inspired by powerful table tennis women through our articles, quotes and pictures!
And last but not least: Start organising your event for WTTD if you haven’t done so yet. If you are looking for ideas, scroll through our past newsletters to read about best practices, how to implement female empowerment in your event or how to get sponsorships! And don’t forget to register your event, so you too can make your flag wave on 6 April 2021.
Last call for Promoters: The WTTD Promoters Initiative will be open for applications until 10 March 2021. If you are interested in becoming a Promoter to take your WTTD event to the next level, the time to act is now! You can read more about the Initiative here and go directly to the application form.
Keep staying positive and testing negative!

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