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In our previous newsletters, we have presented you with ideas and inspiration for your World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) event. As April 6 is getting closer, you also need to think of how to make the great ideas you’re having become reality. There are inevitable costs when running an event, and in today’s newsletter, we’d like to give you some tips about sponsorships.

After having registered your event, the planning phase is in full motion. In order to celebrate our passion and joy for the sport adequately, you might depend on additional funds to organise the event you have been dreaming of.

Finding your candidates
To start with, you need to have a clear vision of your event. Define your target groups and the message you want to convey, then you can start reaching out to others to get the conversation and partnership going.
  1. Start with who you already know. Has someone from your team valuable contacts? Is there anybody affiliated in your table tennis league? Have you worked with somebody for a sponsorship in the past for another WTTD event?
  2. Look locally. Local businesses like to make a positive impact in their communities, making them perfect targets for sponsorships. Find businesses that are affiliated with table tennis or want to help social causes.
  3. Go big! Don’t be afraid to ask national-level businesses or organisations for support. They are always on the look-out for promotion opportunities and might take your WTTD event to the next level!
You can impact your community positively by organising an event using table tennis to raise awareness for gender equality. Therefore, representation is crucial. Have you considered this yet in the organisation of your WTTD celebration? For an event that promotes FEMpowerment and gender equality, consider looking for possible sponsors that…
      …count girls and women among their target demographics
      …have strong women in leadership positions
      …are socially active fighting for these causes
      …want to get more involved in fighting gender inequality!
Finding organisations or businesses that are on the same page as you can help to push and promote your WTTD event even further. Besides getting sponsored and receiving financial or material support, you could find a partner for raising awareness for social issues through table tennis or a mentor to guide you.

Asking for what you need

Before securing a sponsorship, be clear about what you are looking from companies or organisations. Are you looking for financial support for your overall expenses? Are you looking for donations such as equipment or travel fees? Or are you on the hunt for something more specific, like a table tennis statistic app for your tournament? Having a plan about what you need and want makes negotiating easier, and companies might be able to help you in a variety of ways if you are specific about your needs.
Tip: Go digital! In light of the ongoing pandemic, you might consider having a blended celebration and combine digital and physical events (please respect your local health and safety guidelines). To attract companies and go beyond physical sponsorships, think about digital sponsorship opportunities as well, e.g., on the table tennis club website or offer social media exposure.
Keep in mind that sponsorship is not charity; both parties should benefit from the cooperation. How can you provide real, tangible value to the business or organisation? Here are some examples you could offer to your sponsor:
  • Brand exposure: Include their name and logo in promotional materials, flyers or banners
  • Networking: Are they looking for new target groups they could reach at your WTTD event? Give them some talk time in an online seminar or a booth at your physical celebration so they can talk and connect with your participants.
  • Social Media Booster: Invite the participants of your WTTD event to follow, like or share your sponsor’s social media or create a digital challenge with them to make it more fun!
Tip: Use the official WTTD and FEMpowerment logos to print on your flyers, event posters or shirts! This gives your design a polished finish while also showing your commitment to the 2021 theme of FEMpowerment and gender equality!
At the end of the day, the result of a game isn’t the only thing that matters. It is about the opportunities you can give to the others, the new doors you can open for them. And luckily, more and more sponsors around the world are waking up to the fact that investing in women in sport can also make a difference to their businesses.
Last but not least, there are still open slots for the WTTD Promoter Initiative. We want to boost your WTTD event by growing your network, granting the opportunity of financial support of 250 € and make the most out of the promotion for your event. While this may not cover your whole expenses, it could go a long way with the additional sponsors you’ll have after following our tips.
Happy organising and best of luck in finding sponsors!
Please feel free to contact us in case of questions, comments or remarks. We will be happy to read you: or via WhatsApp +49 175 922 6547
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