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How can you make the most out of your World Table Tennis Day (WTTD) 2021 event despite Covid-19?
We all know that WTTD lives through a vivid exchange between people. Last year we played together in the longest, craziest table tennis rally at "World Table Tennis 'at Home' Day", this year, we want more, we want you to get active on April 6 2021 and we want to help you on this pathway.

This is ideal if you still don’t have a plan about what to do for WTTD 2021, or if the current situation and uncertainty about the near future are causing you sleepless nights. Don’t worry, it is not too late to get started! Once you have an idea, make sure to register your event!

For those who can organise physical events:

Please remember to respect and follow your local health guidelines at all times and organise your WTTD event accordingly!

  • Before your celebration, make sure to prepare a hygiene plan and rules that are accessible, visible and understandable for all participants.
  • If the weather allows for it, head outdoors! Not only is this version Covid-19-friendly, but catching fresh air also comes with a lot of health benefits!
  • Make sure to write down the names of participants to be able to follow up with everyone in case something should happen.
  • Mark the space participants are assigned to in order to respect the rules of physical distancing even while playing. For this purpose, you could for example use old bottles to be sustainable! But don’t forget to collect them once your event is concluded.
  • Divide your participants into groups and assign a fixed time frame and responsible person for each group. This way, everyone can play, and any infection risk is being kept at a low!
For those who plan on celebrating digitally:

Organising digital events that can be shared with the whole community can be challenging. But going digital does not mean that they can’t be engaging and inclusive! From breaking a sweat to using the day to learn something new, this list will provide ideas for every situation:

Coaching session
This can be an interactive way of acquiring new techniques or refining your table tennis skills! By hiring a female coach or a mixed coaching team, you can support FEMpowerment through table tennis. Check out the weekly Coaching webinars from the ITTF High Performance & Development to get inspired to make your own!
Workout session
Digital events do not have to stand for laziness. Get moving by joining or conducting a virtual (table tennis) workout to stay fit! To make them more interactive, let some of your participants suggest and demonstrate warm‑up or cool‑down exercises.
Educational lessons
Seize the opportunity and broaden the horizon of your participants. Invite guest speakers or partner up with an NGO related to gender equality and female empowerment to promote this year’s WTTD theme even further. Or give the floor to workshops that enhance personal skills, so everybody can learn something useful for the future!
Who performs the best trick? Who can bounce the ball the longest while switching between back and forehand or sitting down and standing up again? Challenge your team, club, coach or players by starting a challenge and compete online with others. Or go beyond WTTD itself and join a challenge in which you must nominate another team or person from another country or territory – this way, the ball will be passed on around the world!
Playing simultaneously
Get your game on – don’t let a screen stop you! Connect with your friends and table tennis family and keep playing simultaneously with the help of technology.

Join us!
We also organise an online event open for everyone on 6 April, and you are welcome to participate! And even before WTTD itself, you can join our conference on 8 March from 3 to 4.30 pm (CET), the International Women’s Day, to learn more about gender equality and FEMpowerment through sport! More details about the events will follow.

The best of both worlds: Blended celebration!

If your situation and resources allow for it, why not go for both? Whether you are still concerned about relying solely on celebrating physically on 6 April or you want to spice up your WTTD event with some additional digital activities – a blended celebration can expand your reach, increase possibilities and at the same time serve as a safety net in light of possible restrictions due to Covid-19.

For all of these activities, think of how you can contribute to gender equality and FEMpowerment through table tennis. Why don’t you try to keep the female participation rate above 51 %, foster female coaches, or find creative ways to show how you support women and girls in your community?

We hope that you liked our ideas and that some of them may have sparked inspiration. There are no limits to your creativity, and it is not too late to start planning! You can also check out already registered WTTD events nearby on our map to see if you can participate in any of them, or maybe even collaborate with the organisers. We look forward to seeing what kind of ideas you come up with!

A picture is worth a thousand words – share your ideas and their implementation with us! Send them to us at, on Facebook or through WhatsApp at +49 175 922 6547.
We are happy to guide and promote you on your way to 6 April.
Keep staying positive and testing negative!
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