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Fabulous Fox kits, Release-o-rama! (pics and video), our new online store and funky animal themed face masks for purchase. Very cool.
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Introducing our online store-
available on Red Bubble!

Drum Roll please! Introducing our RedBubble on-line store featuring your favourite designs!
So many options including T shirts, baby onesies, notebooks, travel mugs, stickers, postcards and more! Something for everyone's budget and each purchase supports CWRC. Win Win!

Just click here for the store and simply click on each image to see what products are available! 

May was a busy month for releases -
1 x Barred owl, 2 x Merlins, 2 x goslings and a Black vulture.
  • The young Black vulture was admitted last month from Cape Breton and was successfully released last week. Enjoy the beautiful images of his short stay with us and his release. Release images by Sue Hutchins and Alix D’Entremont and our vulture loving volunteer Erin Galler opened the carrier door to freedom. 😊
  • The Barred owl was admitted Dec 2019 after being clipped by a truck and getting caught in the grill. Miraculously it was beside the truck the next morning and brought into us by the Department of Lands and Forestry. 5 months later and this beauty was successfully released.
NOTE: “Please slow down and keep your eyes active on the road ahead. If you think you may have hit an owl but don't see it on the road, please pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and check your vehicle's grill. Owls (and other animals) can get trapped in them on impact.”
  • A wonderful success story was the 2 orphaned goslings brought into the centre. Our Wildlife operations manager Brenda Boates had done her research and knew the potential was there to adopt them out to a brand new Canada Goose family.
But would it really work?
Off she went with friends to CWRC, Al Eastman (credited with the beautiful video and image shared here) and Lyn Curwin to a nearby pond. A Canada goose family with 4 goslings was the target. Brenda held up our 2 orphaned goslings and they peeped up a storm and, to quote Al Eastman...
  ‘The peeping from the two brought instant recognition and instant acceptance from the adults. It was amazing to see as a family of four youngsters  became six. "
Enjoy the beautiful video of this adoption in action. Truly moving.
Just click here.
Foxes, Foxes Everywhere
(and boy can they eat!)
We have some very cute youngsters at the centre at the moment, but the reality of why they are with us is a sad but all too familiar tale.
This rescue, initiated by the Department of Lands and Forestry, was
For 2 years this community had been feeding a pair of foxes which has made them unafraid of humans, creating nuisance animals and fear in the community for small pets and young children. 

We never want to separate a mother from her kits, but in this scenario, there were human interactions creating an unsafe environment for these young kits. 
The kits are thriving and growing fast in their large outdoor enclosure and have extremely limited human interaction.
After a few days of being inside they were moved into a large outdoor enclosure in a remote corner of the CWRC property and are playing and cavorting and eating up a storm (GoPro cameras are the best!)

Did I mention they are eating up a storm?! If you'd like to help with their food costs why not purchase an animal themed face mask (see below) or donate directly by
clicking here.

Show your CWRC support, we have face masks!

A CWRC supporter has kindly made and donated animal themed masks for us.
Each mask is
$12 which includes postage! 
If you would like to buy one and support the CWRC we have created a
Facebook photo gallery.

To take a look at the options and make a purchase please go to our Facebook post by
clicking here!
Thank you to all who generously support the work we do.

CWRC made the news, x2!

We are always grateful for the press and media coverage we receive, as it gives us a chance to tell even more of you what it is we do here at CWRC!
This past month, we were fortunate to have two sources of media attention: a video, created by
CBC about an eagle with lead poisoning (click here to watch!) and an article published in the Chronicle Herald (click here to read!).

If you'd like to see the Big Jeezley eagle flyway in action RIGHT NOW - you can!
Check out our live eagle cams 24/7!
click here and note there are multiple camera options to click on to see the entire flyway - watch them eat, poop, bathe, play and more! 

We currently have 3 juvenile and 3 adult eagles in the flyway.

Stay safe and take care of each other.

Thank you for your continued support!
From all of us here at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
we couldn't do what we do without you.
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