Greetings fellow wildlife lovers!

This month we take a look back at the past twenty years,
and we also have a hook-up to help you help our winged friends and
REDUCE WINDOW COLLISIONS (that's a big deal!)
A few updates from a few creatures you may remember,
and a new update from one unique and cool looking bird you may never have seen before!

As always, we appreciate you (our readers) so SO much!
So you know what to do.. read on!
20th Anniversary Video!
It’s been quite the 20 years! 
Please enjoy this lovely video commemorating the past 20 years
and take a 1min 20 secs journey as we look back on some of our patients and work.

Click here! 
Reduce window collisions!
For our 20th Anniversary 🥳🎉🎊 and Giving Tuesday we want your support to reduce window strikes for our beautiful birds. 🐦

We’ve noticed an increase of birds coming in after colliding with windows and an alarming increase of window strike raptors. 🦉

We’ve partnered with Collidescape to introduce High performance BirdTape™. Designed to reduce bird/glass collisions while preserving our view of the outdoors. 

We have ordered in inventory of the clear BirdTape™ 

While fun and decorative, decals on the window are just not as effective as a product such as this one, specifically designed to greatly reduce collisions.
Note: any stickers or products MUST be applied to the exterior of the window to have any effect. 

Education and prevention are an important part of our Mission, and this is where together we can make a difference in reducing wildlife death and injury.
Cost is $20 per roll, shipped anywhere in Canada.
Order form here
In spite of our need to be constantly fundraising, this product is priced to cover our costs to make it affordable for you to help prevent wildlife injuries and deaths.
Some donation/support options to celebrate our 20th Anniversary can be found here. 
A 'kit' of an update:

Remember this little kit from previous newsletters? On arrival, this little fox could hardly open their eyes. A severe infection with mange, a parasite that lives on the skin, had made this little kit so uncomfortable that eating and drinking were impossible. The mange had caused cracks in the skin which allowed bacteria to fester in the wounds. Dehydration, emaciation, and multiple infections had this fox in a rough way. 

Although mange occurs in the wild, in normal circumstances animals spread out enough and have a healthy enough diet to keep them from getting as sick as this little one. 

We are pleased to report that earlier this month, after 4 months in care, we wished this little fox well as they wasted no time putting us in the dust! Good luck little one!

Instead of feeding wildlife, you can share your love by learning more about ecosystems, challenges facing wildlife, protecting wild places, and keeping wildlife wild!
who what now?
This Chuck-Wills-Widow is a member of the nightjar family. A wildlife officer was able to bring this little one in for care after a wildlife-lover found the bird. (We’ve used a combination of co-founder and volunteer Murdo’s intake photos and Al Eastman’s photos in this post.)
Nightjars are fascinating. They are "arieal insectavores" which means that they eat insects that they snatch right out of the air! To make it even more impressive, they hunt at dusk and nighttime! That's why they have such big beautiful eyes and a gaping mouth behind that teeny tiny beak. 
The "whiskers" around the Chuck Will's Widow's mouth, as seen above, are actually modified feathers that simultaneously guide food into the bird's mouth as it hunts in flight AND protect its eyes. Cool right? 

They often rest on the ground or low horizontal branches. During nesting season these adorable birds lay their eggs on the ground. This means that offleash dogs and free roaming cats pose a major threat to this family of birds.  

Nightjars are in decline in many places around the world. They are at a particular risk from pesticide use since they depend on insects for their food. They are also at risk of habitat loss/destruction, and interactions with domestic animals.

Fun fact! Chuck-will's-widow belongs to a family of birds with the folk name “goatsuckers.” The family name, Caprimulgidae, literally means “milker of goats” and is based on an ancient belief that the birds milked goats with their enormous mouths each night.
Read 'owl' about it..
Our barred owl beauty is enjoying her lovely newly-set-up enrichment box and she’s totally owlsome! She says you too can be owlsome and help us win a cash grant:
It's the final round voting in the 2021 MyGivingCircle campaign.
We need to be in the top 10 of all Canadian charities, and we're in spot #6 (at time of writing)!

We need your support to keep us in that sweet top 10 range between now and Dec 31st.
(and top 5 get a larger cash grant - just saying...!!)

If we are successful we will receive a cash grant that will support our work with the animals that you love to read about!!
You can vote every week and don't need to make a donation to vote.
To vote, click here!
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TruEarth Eco-Strips are the smartest way to clean laundry & help take care of the Environment with zero-waste, environmentally friendly laundry strips that completely eliminate the need for heavy plastic detergent jugs. YES!! 
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  • You can make a donation to help wildlife like the fox kit or owls! We are a registered charity and will issue you a tax receipt to benefit you at tax time.
    For donations, click here!
From all of us here at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
Thanks for your support, be kind to each other and yourself
We couldn't do what we do without you.

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