Greetings fellow wildlife lovers!

Welcome to November. We'd like to share with you the Dirty side of wildlife, a clean way to support us (intriguing huh?!), beautiful owls and a surprising partnership to get eagles on the move!

read on!
Be Owlsome. Be aware.
This time of year dusk and dawn are coinciding with peak human traffic hours, that puts owls like these at an increased risk of being struck by cars while they hunt along road sides.
Please drive safely and watch for wildlife. 🦉

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Dirty side of wildlife work
We show a lot of beautiful  photos of animals and some of you may imagine it’s very ‘Disney-like’ volunteering at a wildlife centre!
Here’s a glimpse into the dirty side of working with animals – eagles in particular.
Meet one of our fabulous volunteers, Morganne, shown here cleaning one of our specially constructed wooden eagle boxes in the nursery, while volunteer Jordanna holds the box's tenant.

Here you can see Morganne scrubbing eagle poop off surfaces in the Big Jeezley (eagle flyway) while our 10 eagles all gather on the other side to complain about the cleaning services! 

All part of a day’s work at a wildlife rehab centre!

You, however, can enjoy the beauty of the eagles via our live eagle cams and note there are multiple camera options to click on to see the entire flyway - watch them eat, poop, bathe, play and more! Just click here

Win for Wildlife

Have you heard about our CWRC monthly 50/50 lottery with Rafflebox? 💰
Help keep the LIFE in wildlife and get your talons on tickets by clicking here: ⬅️ Ticket sales are available until Saturday, Nov 28th at midnight. 🦅 Good luck! ❤ Raffle open to NS residents 19+. 

(It's very difficult to find effective ways to replace our annual concert/silent auction and other in person fundraisers. We rely on donations and fundraisers to continue to run the centre. We hope you are able to support our online efforts and we appreciate all you can do to support our wildlife work.)

Printers, rehabbers & eagles. The perfect trio!

Who knew a printer company and a wildlife rehab centre would partner up to transport eagles safely and efficiently? For the fascinating story and pics and video of eagles in boxes enjoy this story about Lexmark, CWRC & eagles, written by CWRC co-founder Murdo Messer…

Many years ago I salvaged a couple of cardboard boxes from the office that some new Lexmark printers came in. They looked like they might come in handy for transporting birds to the clinic for x-rays because they were big enough for an eagle to stand in but not big enough for it to stretch out its wings.
Limiting movement is important during transport so the bird doesn't accidentally injure itself by trying to escape. The boxes had a full lid that was secured by quick release plastic clips. The boxes were top loading which works best when placing an eagle in or lifting one out. My guess was correct, these boxes proved to be very useful and served us well for nearly 10 years!

We have transported eagles, loons, owls, porcupines, gannets, great blue herons and many other species in them over those years. They have held up well in spite of being pooped and bled on and clawed at.
The insides now look like a velociraptor battle took place and there were no victors.
In short they were starting to show their age and we would be retiring them soon so I decided to see if I could find new ones by searching online.

After a few fruitless evenings I thought I might try contacting Lexmark to see if they could direct me to the original supplier of the boxes. My email to their general inquiry mailbox was replied to by Ellen, a truly amazing customer service representative at Lexmark Canada. She said she would look into it and see if she could find them. 
After a few weeks Ellen got back to me and asked,
"How many would you like?" 

I asked for ten thinking that if two lasted us 10 years then 10 would last us around 50! A few days later 10 boxes and plastic clips showed up at the CWRC by courier.
Lexmark Canada generously donated the boxes and their shipping to us. Ellen went above and beyond for us and her diligent sleuthing to find these uncommon containers will make transporting our patients to the clinic safe and easy far into the future. 
We are very grateful to her and Lexmark Canada for this gift.

Enjoy this video of how we use these boxes. Just click here.
Amazing – at around the 3minute you clearly hear our volunteer vet say – that box is perfect for eagles!!  
Don't forget about our lovely online store filled with great clothing and cards and assorted gift ideas for a range of price points. Click here or image below.

Stay safe and take care of each other!

Thank you for your continued support!
From all of us here at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
we couldn't do what we do without you.

PS - Thanks for the wonderful response to our presale calendar orders. They were all mailed out this week so you should be receiving them shortly. 
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