Greetings fellow wildlife lovers!

As we move back into restrictions and lockdowns here in Nova Scotia, we thought you'd appreciate revisiting some raptor releases back into the great outdoors.

Celebrate our volunteers and all the work they do to keep CWRC running so well. It was a joy to have everyone send us photos of them 'doing that thing they do' for CWRC. 

and...BABY SEASON HAS STARTED! Learn about baby owls and the special methods we use to make them think we're owl parents!

Please ENJOY and read on!
The best part?
The release of course!
2021 has been another year of challenges but we’d like to take a moment and reflect on the impact we’ve had on our wildlife through the dedication of our wildlife operations manager and team of volunteers and your support.

Did you know we have released 12 raptors since January 1?! 

So many people are involved in these successes and we are so grateful for you all.  Let’s take a moment to celebrate these successes through some beautiful images provided by volunteer photographers and assorted members of the animal care and vet volunteers.
We've released 1 Barred owl ,1 Great horned owl, and 2 beautiful Snowy owls so far this year! 
BONUS - we've featured baby owls further down in this newsletter. They are pretty darn adorable! 
We've been very busy with eagles this year as well,
having already released 8 bald eagles!!

We love our volunteers!
Join us in sending out a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers.
CWRC could not function without this group of dedicated, passionate volunteers who choose to dedicate their time, skills and expertise to being part of the highs and lows of wildlife rehabilitation. 

This month saw Canada celebrating National Volunteer Week and the theme for 2021? The Value of One, The Power of Many. 
The Value of One mission – to provide veterinary care and rehabilitation to sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife and return them to suitable habitat.
The Power of Many - Our volunteers cover a range of skill sets and responsibilities and include our volunteer vets and vet techs, animal care volunteers, Newsletter and social media volunteers, maintenance, and handyperson volunteers and more! 

Take a moment to celebrate with us though a variety of images showing our awesome volunteers doing that thing they do! 


Babies are Owlsome!!

Baby season has officially landed at CWRC! We thought we'd share some pictures and information on everyone's favourite - baby owls.  
Did you know that when we get owl hatchlings and nestlings in we wear owl masks and special 'costumes' to disguise our human features?! 

  • a form of learning in which an animal learns its species identification.
  • Birds do not automatically know what they are when they hatch – they visually imprint on their parents during a critical period of development.
  • After imprinting, they will identify with that species for life.
  • Some bird species are more susceptible to imprinting than others and owlets are such a bird. 

Here at the centre, when working with owlettes, human contact is kept to a minimum.
  • We keep their enclosure covered
  • We provide them with a mirror and soft toy owls so they do not see humans just their own likeness.
  • When uncovering them for feeding or handling we wear full face masks and cover all bare skin to disguise all human features.
  • We do not speak at all.
If you’d like to help our wildlife babies throughout the 2021 season take a look below for a variety of options!

🐇Donate Daily Supplies: We've rustled up a wish-list of baby supplies on . You can choose supplies to help feed babies, provide learning/enrichment opportunities, or help to keep cages and the nursery sparkly clean and fresh: click here!

🐣 Support local businesses by donating gift-cards. Each week, we make multiple trips to grocery stores, feed stores, markets, hardware stores, and garden centers. We can make good use of any gift card! From buying fresh food for the animals, to picking up supplies for our enclosures; local businesses could use the boost and we can use their wares! Many businesses can provide electronic gift cards, or you can mail one in. 

If you would like to donate directly to the care of our wild babies (tax receipts available!)
click here!

👩‍⚕️ The work we do would not be possible without your support.
Thank you so much for supporting our work in rehabilitating Nova Scotia's wildlife and in bringing cooperation and learning opportunities to people!

Have we said thank you to you already??
First up - a H-U-G-E thank you to everyone who voted and donated and shared the link for our My Giving Circle campaign.

We ended up in the top 20 which meant we received a cash grant in round one! That combined with generous donations from supporters near and far we raised almost $4000. WOW!

Next up - here we go again! Round 2 is underway and ends 30th June, 2021 and we are...
Drum roll please
in 6th place. Amazing! 

So please, take a minute or two and vote for us and share as well please.
You can vote and, only if you choose to, donate from anywhere in this big ole' world!

Just click here, or on the image above!

Remember - you can vote weekly!!

From all of us here at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
Thanks for your support, be kind to each other and yourself
We couldn't do what we do without you.

Other ways to support CWRC
Donate here
Purchase 50/50 tickets (NS Residents 19+)
Red Bubble store (animal design products, cards, stickers, clothing etc)
TruEarth Online Store (Eco friendly laundry and cleaning products)

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