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 Read all about the Goshawk who took on a cow (barn)! 
Mark us into your calendars as our volunteer drive fast approaches 
Let us introduce you to the architecture behind CWRC 
and (of course) we saved a cute owl update for last!

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Don't have a cow Mr Goshawk!!

These images above are of a young goshawk who was admitted on January 16th after having collided with the side of a cow barn.

  • Dr Rock examined him on intake and although he was in great body condition, a problem was identified with his shoulder.
  • Thankfully Dr Collins at CNAH was able to get the team in to take xrays right away which confirmed that this little guy's run in resulted in a fractured shoulder.
  • Goshawks are specialty fliers and rely on their ability to maneuver tight spaces when they hunt.
  • This little specialist had the full benefit of our network of volunteer vets with Dr Rock, Dr Collins, and Dr MacAuley all participating in various steps of his intake and recovery so far.

We sure are glad to have such a great team of volunteer veterinarians looking out for the patients!

Back in the nursery again Doctor's orders were a body wrap and plenty of bed rest!  

FUN FACT: One of the reasons we believe this Goshawk to be a male is by the tail length. It's crazy long right?! Males are usually after airborne prey more than females so usually have longer tails.
Have you been wishing for volunteer opportunities to help meet those new resolutions??

Well, wish no more.. because
we're holding a volunteer drive!

(Actually, there are two!!)

Building on those resolutions..

We have a bit of a resolution of our very own!
We've introduced you to the animals and staff/volunteers behind CWRC, but we have never given you a peek at the buildings which house all of our operations! We hope to include a few more insider scoops into each of these buildings as the year progresses, but for now.. here's a bit of an overview and timeline of our home base! 
  • CWRC was founded!
  • The centre started in a basement and so the first outdoor enclosure (24'x8'x8') was built shortly after

2002 to 2010
  • Various small enclosures (8'x'8x8' and 6'x6'x6' plus eagle box 3'x3'x3') were built in the basement and later one was put into the garage
  • The Big Jeezley (Eagle flyway) was built after years of fundraising. (top picture)

  • Our Nursery was built using funds won from a Jamiesons vitamins facebook contest! And was equipped with a walk-in freezer, purchased thanks to donations from the 100 Women Who Care (Truro) and Conroy Refrigeration. (middle left picture)

  • Songbird enclosure was built thanks to generous donations from the NS Bird Society. (bottom 2 pictures)

As you might notice, most of the older outdoor structures (middle right picture) are in need of replacing and we are also in need of a new storage facility for donated items such as sheets, blankets, food, etc.
Nothing much happens without the support of wildlife lovers like you, so if you feel the urge click here to donate. 
Ah, a wildlife rehabilitation centre's work is never truly done..

But it's really Owl about the recovery stories..

Remember our wee Saw-whet owl from the December newsletter (check out his story by clicking here) well it's pretty amazing that at a whopping 85g he came out from his 'hit by car' experience so well. 

🎉 this little Northern Saw-whet owl has been successfully released! 🎉

making it one of the first wildlife wins of the year.

PS The barred owl from the December story is still with us and we hope for a similar outcome. 

If you'd like to see the Big Jeezley eagle flyway - you can!
Check out our live eagle cams 24/7!
click here and note there are multiple camera options to click on to see the entire flyway - watch them eat, poop, bathe, play and more! 

We currently have 8 eagles in flyway – and two juvenile eagles are almost ready to go so check all 8 of them out on our webcams while you still can!

Thank you for your continued support!
From all of us here at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
we couldn't do what we do without you.
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