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We made it December!. We've been busy 'redecorating' the enclosures and have you met our famous Snowy owl Drifter? We'll catch you up on this beautiful creature's journey through recovery (pictures, video and LIVE web cam!)

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Extreme makeover: Raptor Edition!
Haha well maybe not so extreme but our Wildlife Operations Manager Brenda, Co-Founder Murdo and volunteer Brittney could have been working on their audition tape for a home renovation reality show this month!
They did all kinds of enclosure repairs and removed, resurfaced and repositioned the perches in the Big Jeezley (eagle flyway) and other enclosures. 

Drifter - a snowy owl's journey through recovery...
Fri Nov 27th: We received an urgent call in the wee hours of the morning.

* There was a snowy owl in distress.*

With the help of the Department of Lands and Forestry (DLF) and the landowner, the bird was brought to us by 9am that same day.

The first year female snowy owl, was emaciated, dehydrated, weak and louse infested. She had some abrasions and was dazed and confused.
With slow and proper care in our nursery, she started making a gradual, steady, recovery at an ideal pace.

7 Dec update:

Dec 14:  A few small steps for her human carers but a GIANT leap forward for the snowy owl, Drifter!

Drifter was moved out to a larger flight room and has been enjoying the space to preen, stretch, and exercise in one of the flight rooms.
Now that the first phase of Drifter's rehabilitation is over, we can offer more generous servings of food, and more space to move around to get into optimal condition for release into the wild.

You can watch Drifter and our Bald Eagles on their road to recovery by visiting our webcams. Just click here! (Drifter is camera #4)

Dec 20: She is doing very well, putting on weight, and building stamina; she is nearly ready for release into the wild! 

AS Seen On TV! Yes, Drifter the snowy owl is now CTV-famous! You can watch the short clip from CTV Morning Live by clicking here.

  • Snowy owls that migrate away from their arctic nesting grounds are generally first year birds.
  • They arrive here exhausted and confused.
  • Many have not seen people before and thus are not afraid of them.
  • Very important not to disturb these young birds for human curiosity, entertainment, or photo ops. 
  • They need to rest and refuel.
  • Pro photographer shots that look close are actually with a very long lens so as not to disturb the bird.

❄️Snowy owls face many threats in the wild and in 2017 were listed as a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.
❄️The main risks Snowy Owls face include climate change and habitat loss. Snowy owls are also susceptible to rodenticides and harassment.
❄️Snowy owls are diurnal, which means that they hunt during both day and night hours.
❄️Like all wildlife, Snowy Owls should be observed from a distance to allow them to hunt, eat, and rest in peace.

How can you help?
1) You can make a donation to help wildlife like Drifter. We are a registered charity and will issue you a tax receipt to benefit you at the fast approaching tax time. For donations options click here.

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2021? Embrace every moment of joy you can - you deserve it!!


From all of us here at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
Happy Holidays and be kind to each other and yourself and THANK YOU we couldn't do what we do without you.

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