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Welcome to our special feature that will take you through the steps involved in catching and releasing 4 eagles. We are thrilled to report this is what we did on Saturday April 4th and everything went beautifully!
Enjoy the pictures, videos (at the end) and information on the process.

Read on!
Preparation & Protection
First things first - eagles are BIG and they have BIG beaks and big STRONG talons! So good safety protocol is a must. 
Picture 1 - Meet our eagle wrangler - Brittany. Brittany was a summer student last year and worked with our Wildlife Operations Manager Brenda and co-founder Murdo to get trained up in eagle handling and boy oh boy is she a pro now! Protective gear on - special Carhartt pants, shirt, large raptor handling gloves, sturdy boots and a face shield for eagle protection. Add to that a face mask for Covid-19 protection! 

Picture 2 - large carriers prepared with blankets/towels to safely transport the eagles.
Picture 3 - How do we catch eagles when they are in a continuous flight flyway with no corners? We build a small 'room' of course!
First the perches are removed so they have to go to ground. Then - see those wooden boards on the ground in the top centre pic? Remove boards and then...
Picture 4 & 5- use the pulley system to pull up the custom fit tarp to create a solid wall.
Picture 6 - The same system on the other side of the designated 'small room' but we don't pull it all the way up...yet.
Brenda herds the eagle into the 'room' and a soon as it's in Murdo pulls the tarp up to close off the 'room'. the eagle has to go to ground.

The thrill of the catch!!

Check out these step by step pics of Brittany capturing the youngest juvenile eagle we released. Pics go from left to right on the top, then left to right on the bottom.

  • Brittany gently corners the eagle using her thick towel and and securely grabs his legs.
  • Then she lifts him up to the chest, with his body (and beak and talons!) facing away from her. 
  • His wings comfortably tucked in he's now ready to be placed in a carrier for transport. 
  • Repeat 3 more times to get all 4 juvenile eagles! I told you she is a pro! 
Such beauties!

Ready, steady...

Picture 1 - All carriers are covered with a sheet to help keep the eagles calm in a darkened environment for their car ride to the release site.
Picture 2 - Hey Murdo! No misbehaving or you'll be sent into a carrier!  Now how did that picture get into the collage?! :) 
Picture 3 - the carriers are lined up side by side after selecting the best direction to set them for flight - making sure there are no obstacles or roads etc. to get in the way.
Picture 4 - The paparazzi is in place and the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived!!


The carrier doors are opened one by one and out they come.
Each bird showed no hesitation. Once out of the carrier they each flew straight and true.
That moment of seeing the bird finally fly free after working through their rehabilitation...well it's a very special moment indeed...

Fly be FREEE!

We wish you well our young beauties!
What's that?
You wish you could see them the moment they exited the carriers and flew off into the distance?
Well - you can!
Check out this cool compilation video of each of the 4 eagles as they burst out of their carriers and take off for the sky - from 2 different camera angles!

And here is a lovely slow motion video of one eagle as he leaves the carrier, flies, makes a turn and then off into the distance. 
BONUS: Around the 25 second mark you can see another of the newly released eagles flying off in the distance. Very cool!
Just click here. 

4 juveniles, successfully released from the Big Jeezley flyway made room to move 2 adult bald eagles into the flyway, who immediately made themselves at home bringing the total number of eagles to 6. 3 juveniles and 3 adults.

If you'd like to see the Big Jeezley eagle flyway in action RIGHT NOW - you can!
Check out our live eagle cams 24/7!
click here and note there are multiple camera options to click on to see the entire flyway - watch them eat, poop, bathe, play and more! 


Stay safe and take care of each other.
We will be sending out a short newsletter as per usual later in the month. We hope you enjoyed this special feature!

Thank you for your continued support!
From all of us here at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
we couldn't do what we do without you.
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