Greetings fellow wildlife lovers!
WooT! It's our Anniversary and it's a BIG one.
20 years helping injured and orphaned wildlife in beautiful Nova Scotia.
We'll take a look back through our history. 
Celebrate with us all year long with a 2022 wildlife calendar! 
We close out with a Great horned owl getting all up in your face with some advice! 

You know what to do.. read on!
It's Our 20th Anniversary! 
It’s been quite the 20 years! 

The Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (CWRC) was birthed by one woman, her husband, and her passion to save lives. The lives of injured and orphaned wildlife that veterinary practices didn’t seem to be set up to help.

The late Dr Helene Van Doninck was a new vet in the early 90s in St. John’s NL and…well, I’ll let Murdo, Helene’s husband and CWRC co-founder tell the origin story…

“While working at the clinic people would often bring in wild animals, mostly birds or squirrels that had been injured and ended up on someone's doorstep. Perhaps a cat had brought something home or a bird had hit a window.

At the time, where she worked, unless the animal was releasable right away it was euthanized. This really upset Helene. She always said she didn't become a vet to kill things that had a chance at life. She did not want to be "Dr. Death."

She saw that most of these small, unowned wild creatures mostly needed some basic care and could be returned to the wild if given time and space to heal. Most clinics are not setup or interested in dealing with animals that don't generate revenue. So Helene, being the person she was,
said "Frig that" I'm taking them home.”

And so it began!!

Once settled in Hilden Nova Scotia they made this passion official and in 2001 the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre was founded.

It started in the basement of the co-founders’ home and with an outdoor enclosure 24'x8'x8'. From 2002 to 2010 various small enclosures 8'x'8x8' and 6'x6'x6' were built plus an eagle box 3'x3'x3' in the basement and space was reserved in the garage for 3 freezers stocked with food for the various species of wildlife diets.

2013 was a HUGE Milestone for CWRC. After years of fundraising – the "Big Jeezley" was built. Canada’s only (to this day!) continuous flyway design. Reserved just for bald eagles, this amazing and quite beautiful structure allows our eagles to gain muscle strength and fly continuously to build up stamina during the final stages of rehabilitation. 

And then, another milestone!
in 2015 the Nursery was built with the prize money donation from Jamieson’s and their online contest. The walk-in freezer was purchased and installed through the support of the Truro chapter of the 100 Women who Care group and Conroy Refrigeration.

The CWRC was finally completely housed in its own buildings and the co-founders reclaimed their basement and garage!

A huge shoutout to the Nova Scotia Bird Society for their donation which enabled us to build a wonderful Songbird enclosure in 2017.

And here we are in 2021 coming through a global pandemic and celebrating our 20th year helping Nova Scotian wildlife all thanks to the support of YOU.

As a registered non-profit we  survive on the commitment of volunteers and through fundraising and donations. 

We are a tiny but mighty organisation with 1 full time employee -our wonderful Wildlife Operations Manager, Brenda, a dedicated Board and range of volunteers. 

PS - We have our sights set on building a new raptor enclosure - keep an eye out for more information on that in 2022. 

If you'd like to send a 20th Anniversary donation to help us work towards another 20 years take a look at some
options here.

Calendar Time!!
The 2022 calendar is available to pre-order now for a limited time!
Sales end October 31st.

These calendars have been helping us help wildlife for 20 years! 
100% of proceeds will go toward the rehabilitation of wildlife at the CWRC.

Order here! 

Due to the ongoing health restrictions, calendars will be mailed directly to your door, with North American shipping included in the price!
Thank you for your support!!
How fast did the summer fly by?!
Whooosh! There it went!

And now the days keep getting shorter ☹, and the nights are getting longer which means owls become active earlier so…

It's that time of year again. We’ll be getting 'hit by car' owls coming in.

The time change (we're falling an hour back soon!) puts owls' prime hunting times right at the same time as our human rush hour.

Please slow down, and keep your eyes active on the road ahead!

Some things to consider!

Do not throw food scraps (or any litter!) out of your car windows. 
-people often think that it’s fine to throw food out the window as it will decompose, BUT food items draw prey animals to the side of the road,
which in turn brings the predators!
This increases their chances of getting hit by cars as they hunt.

Please remain vigilant!  

Here’s a news story about roadside litter and owls featuring Cobequid Wildlife Rehab centre’s very own co-founder Murdo Messer! Click here to read!

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Below are some of the ways you can help us at CWRC help our animal friends:
It's the final round voting in the 2021 MyGivingCircle campaign .
This round we need to be in the top 10 of all Canadian charities, and we're in spot #4 (at time of writing)!

We need your support to keep us in that sweet top 10 range between now and Dec 31st. 

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From all of us here at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
Thanks for your support, be kind to each other and yourself
We couldn't do what we do without you.

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