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This month...
We explore the depths of an Ecuadorian Cloud Forest, are mindful of owls, celebrate the generosity of kids and pick a peck of pickerel...

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Jordanna's Dream Vacation
Ecuador Birding!!

This month, my boyfriend and I spent a week immersed in a
Cloud Forest in a Bird Tower in Mindo, Ecuador. 

Note: This was a personal vacation, unconnected to CWRC,
but we thought it might be fun to share that nature
and birding experience with you, dear Newsletter reader!

Mindo, Ecuador is an absolute paradise for birdwatchers.
An hour and a half from the capital Quito, it’s located in the cloud forest
which supports an incredibly diverse bird population.
My boyfriend Stephen and I lived in a 4 story bird tower
deep in the forest where the sounds of the birds and insects
was our soundtrack day and night.

Crazy stats now!!!

There are 132 species of hummingbirds in Ecuador compared to
5 hummingbird species in Canada and only 2 species in NS (Ruby-throated, Rufous)!

To put this in perspective..
up to 28 species have been seen in one day in Mindo  (a world record!)

(Photo Credits: David Sasaki and Juan Bahamon in Ecuador)

 We must have seen at least a dozen identifiable different species in Mindo –
all sizes and colours and lengths of tails etc.
Enjoy this professional video of wild hummingbirds at feeders in Mindo! 
Click here! 
On the private trails by our tower  we saw SO many birds –
some we could ID, many we could not.
This video is from a birding resort property next to us.
We saw most of these birds and animals. Some of my faves were,
Red Headed Barbet at 0:50,  Rufous Mot Mot 2:24,
Guayaquil woodpecker 3:00, Aracari (SO COOL!) 3:23 
Click here and enjoy!

Finally – we saw and heard Toucans quite a few times.
Right? How cool is that?!
This is my own video of a pair of Toucans calling to each other!
Love how they throw their head and beak back as they call.
Toucans are very chatty!!
Click here for Toucans

Owl Cautionary Tale...
A Barred owl was admitted earlier this month.
He was found on the side of the road – a suspected HBC (hit by car) victim.
There were no obvious breaks or injuries but he was very thin and weak so,
after the initial examination and treatment, he was placed in an enclosure with heating discs and put onto starvation protocol.
Sadly...He did not survive.
We see too many animals as a result of car impacts.
BUT...We can all do our bit to help prevent this.

Around this same time of year last year we were inundated with HBC owls.
The picture above shows some of the owls we had in care all at one time!

** Amazing how even  the same species can have such differences
in appearance when you look closely - neat huh?! **

Quick Fact:
  • Human behaviour (i.e. throwing litter out of car windows) is a factor.
But how??
Well, litter (especially food scraps) attracts rodents to the sides of the road to scavenge, which then attracts owls to the sides of the roads to hunt, making them susceptible to being hit by cars! 

Just being aware also helps. Dusk and dawn (2 busy times for work traffic)
are hunting times for animals –
so be extra vigilant and together we can reduce these HBC incidents!

So PLEASE keep an eye out when driving and
don’t throw litter, organic or not, out the car window.
After all - it IS illegal and could result in a fine
and perhaps a deadly cost to our wildlife.

100 Kids Who Care Truro


The 100 Kids Who Care are a band of youth between the ages of 5 and 14 who come together 4 times a year with $10 each to donate to a charity.
Each member chooses their own charity to research and represent 
and then 3 finalists are selected to speak to the group
about their chosen charity.

And aren't we happy that Oakley chose us!

Last December (2019), Oakley and his dad came out to
meet with Murdo Messer (co-founder CWRC), asking lots of
important questions and taking notes! 
Oakley gave a wonderful presentation to the 100 Kids Who Care,
and CWRC was selected as a winning charity!

This month Murdo went to speak to the
100 Kids Who care Truro group to thank them for their support
and show them what we spent their donation money on –
a new pair of raptor gloves for handling eagles and other large raptors!

In the 2 pictures above, you can see Oakley and Murdo on the left, 
and then on the right is Chelsey trying on those big eagle gloves!

A big thank-you to Oakley and to the 100 Kids Who Care!!

If you'd like to read more about the 100 Kids Who Care..
click here to go to their website!

Pick a peck of Pickerel!

If you've been a subscriber to our newsletter for a (short or long!) while then you're probably familiar with what it takes to supply our daily needs: from our amazon supply list to monetary support for maintenance... but also fish!

And just as if they heard our prayers.. a large donation of over 100 fish was recently brought to the CWRC by the Safari Club International Nova Scotia branch!
The SCI is a world-wide organization composed of hunters
and outdoor enthusiasts who make positive contributions to wildlife
and ecosystems by complying with game laws and assisting
with conservation, and outdoor education.
Nova Scotia’s chapter has only been active since 2018,
but the organization itself has been around since 1972!

The Hard Water Classic was put on by the SCI as a fundraising event for the NS chapter and operated on the few weekends that you do not need a license to fish! They aimed to raised awareness about invasive species, and encouraged community members to become more engaged in the outdoors!

Thank you SO Much. This is such a wonderful contribution!

We really LOVE this picture as it shows our co-founder,  Murdo, 
showing how he really feels about fish in any form...yuck!! haha -
but the eagles will be happy. 

If you'd like to see the Big Jeezley eagle flyway - you can!
Check out our live eagle cams 24/7!
click here and note there are multiple camera options to click on to see the entire flyway - watch them eat, poop, bathe, play and more! 

We currently have 7 eagles in flyway  so check them out on our webcams while you still can!

Thank you for your continued support!
From all of us here at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
we couldn't do what we do without you.
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