Greetings fellow wildlife lovers!

And a happy new year!
We thought we would start our 2021 newsletter off by introducing you to a few of our animal friends here at CWRC. This month we're featuring a bald eagle, a barred owl and our last section features stunning photography of the release of our snowy owl 'Drifter', because who doesn't love a happy ending?!

We have a lot on the go in this new year (as we're sure all of you do as well)
so 'Read on!' to learn more!
Meet Stuart, 'As seen on TV' !
Our first Bald Eagle patient of the year is a nearly-mature bird who is suffering from the effects of lead poisoning.
In addition to clinical signs of lead poisoning,
"Stuart" also has injuries on both feet and the chest.
Treatment and supportive care for lead poisoning and the other injuries were initiated right away. Treating for lead poisoning is always unpredictable but Stuart is currently in stable condition.

Bringing Stuart into care was a certainly a community effort of wildlife heroes:
  • Local Citizens identified the bird in distress.
  • Wildlife Officers with the DLF (department of lands and forestry) worked to *safely* contain and capture Stuart.
  • CWRC Animal Care volunteers 
  • Veterinary Professional volunteers who performed the intake assessment and x-rays.
  • Our Wildlife and Operations Manager (who is an IWRC certified wildlife rehabilitator) orchestrated the intake and manages the daily care of Stuart and all our wildlife patients.

We are happy to report Stuart was strong enough to go into Central Nova Animal Hospital for X-rays on 16 Jan! There were no surprises, phew!
Soon afterwards he was upgraded from his assisted living bachelor pad (eagle box in the nursery) into a spacious suite (8 x 8 enclosure)!

Stuart the eagle is ‘as seen on TV’!!
To watch this short 2:27min clip from
CTV Live at 5 just click here

You can be a hero for wildlife, too! 
 - spread the word about lead poisoning in wildlife
 - choose lead-free fishing tackle and ammunition for your outdoor activities 
 - leave nothing behind


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Dusk - one lucky owl...
Dusk is both a very unlucky and lucky barred owl!  
Shortly after 'Dusk' found some trouble on the road (unlucky), a wildlife officer happened to be driving by and spotted him – how lucky was that?!
The officer, our operations manager, and a volunteer veterinarian spent
their day off sharing the long drive from his home territory to CWRC
and getting him checked out and settled in. 

Dusk must really have had a lucky rabbit in his belly because although he did have a concussion and some muscle bruising, there were no broken bones, he was well hydrated and in perfect body condition, and his eyes and ears were normal (this was late December).

Just like in people, recovering from head trauma takes some time;
we are happy to report that Dusk's recovery is going well, and
he has been upgraded into a spacious outdoor enclosure
and is ready for release any day now!

How can you help Stuart, Dusk and more?!
1) You can make a donation to help wildlife like Stuart and Dusk. We are a registered charity and will issue you a tax receipt to benefit you at the fast approaching tax time. For donations options click here.

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Bon Voyage,Drifter!
You may recall the stunning snowy owl ‘Drifter’ from our December newsletter?
Well on January 11, Drifter was successfully released into the wild!

It won't be long before Drifter is well on her round-about-way back to the great Canadian north!
We are happy to share these beautiful photos by photography volunteer Al Eastman.

Make sure you check out his page and local wildlife groups to see more of his awesome wildlife work!

Drifter made an amazing recovery from when she first came in on Nov. 27th.
She was emaciated, dehydrated, weak and louse infested.
She had some abrasions and was dazed and confused.
When she was released Jan 11, she was feisty, healthy, well fed, and raring to go!

In case you missed it – here’s the CTV Morning show clip from December featuring Drifter and with Dusk the barred owl also making an appearance!

From all of us here at the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre,
Thanks for your support, be kind to each other and yourself
We couldn't do what we do without you.

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