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Travel may be restricted but discover how BC and Nova Scotia came together this month over a porcupette!

Spring has sprung and with more bird activity comes more opportunities for window collisions. We have some great tips on how to keep our feathered friends safe from such collisions 

Meet 'Auldy', a mature bald eagle who is nursing an old injury and making progress with her rehabilitation. 

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Prickly expertise...

CWRC, founded in 2001, is a well-respected wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Our wildlife operations manager, who is IRWC qualified, is in regular communication with other registered wildlife centres in Canada, the United States and even Australia. These are wonderful relationships that help all centres share best practices, ask for advice or techniques for specific animals or issues and stay up to date on current procedures and discoveries. 

CWRC is particularly well known for raptors, especially eagles and our prickly, often misunderstood friend, the porcupine.

We’d like to share a recent experience where CWRC was contacted by a registered wildlife centre in BC for help on how to handle and feed and care for a premature porcupette. 

Our wildlife operations manager leapt into this with gusto asking many questions to clearly understand the situation and then through messenger, text and pictures guided the care of the wee porc.

Important milestones like porc's first solid poop were shared! Hooray! That's a sign of a healthy baby!

.Enjoy the photos of the little one. And know that Nova Scotia and CWRC have an impact from coast to coast in this big, beautiful country...and beyond!  

Window Collision Prevention

We'd like to share some information with you from our friends at Bird Safe Guelph.
"Every year in Canada, an estimated 25 million birds fatally collide with windows.

  • Birds cannot see glass
  • Reflections of trees or sky in glass can confuse birds...
  • Making them think they can fly through the glass.
  • Colliding with a window may kill a bird on impact 
  • Colliding with a window may stun the bird and leave them vulnerable to predators.

The good news is that YOU can help protect birds at your own home!"

 Spring is here and birds are especially at risk during this season.
The simplest way to prevent window collisions at home is to break up the outside window reflection. 

We’ve all heard of decals but did you know if you install them inside they are not effective?!

Apply decals to the outside of the windows and sliding glass doors.
Another simple, yet very effective option is to use tape.
Painter’s tape for example or clear opaque tape would work too. And the trick here?
Yes – apply to outside of window but also…
Apply vertical stripes.  
Some other tips:

External shutters: Close them whenever windows aren't in use.
External sun shades or awnings: They will eliminate or minimize reflection and transparency..
Whitewash: If your shed or basement has windows, consider whitewashing them.

Thank you for caring about our feathered friends this spring and beyond. 
Below is is an example of an awesome way to break up the window transparency from Bird Safe Guelph.

Auldy eagle fights on.

Meet ‘Auldy” who was spotted acting disoriented on the ground. When she tried to fly, she was too weak and crashed into the water. After swimming to shore Department of Lands and Forestry (DLF) wildlife officers were able to safely catch her.

A relay was arranged to bring her into the CWRC for assessment.  

On arrival, our operations manager observed that Auldy 

  • was disoriented, had uneven pupils and random rapid movement of the eyes,
  • made the whistling sound that we often see with paresis (partial paralysis) of the voice box.
  • was also very thin, infested with lice,
  • had an old injury on her leg,
  • her talon and feather condition suggested she had been on the ground for quite some time.
A blood test confirmed that there is lead in her system, and x-rays show the leg is doing it's best to heal.  

Auldy is receiving customized treatment and is responding well so far. In her current condition it is difficult to assess her potential; she has the will to live and is improving each day, so we are giving her a chance. 

Auldy is a good eater (very good! nom nom) which is always a positive sign and seems to be doing well so far. 

We hope that with more time, care, and conditioning Auldy will be able to spread her wings again, but for now we are taking it day-by-day. 

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Baby Wildlife Shower
Our wildlife baby shower has gone virtual!
Here's how you can help the wee ones.

🐇Donate Daily Supplies: We've rustled up a wish-list of baby supplies on . You can choose supplies to help feed babies, provide learning/enrichment opportunities, or help to keep cages and the nursery sparkly clean and fresh! Click image or here for link: 

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