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This month our foxes (fan favourites!) make a reappearance and check out the hairdo on our hawk chick!
Another successful release complete with amazing slo-mo video and a little bird with a BIG attitude.


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Fab Fox Update

Fabulous Fox Update: Look at them now!
You may recall in May we took in a skulk of very wee fox kits (picture below).
Yes, apparently the name for a group of foxes is a 'skulk'!
Well, they are doing well in their large outdoor Fox condo and we recently put a GoPro camera in with them and as you can see (picture above) they are growing into big, healthy, ever hungry foxes. If you would like to contribute to their care please consider
making a donation to the CWRC by clicking here! .

Turkey Vulture takes flight!
This turkey vulture was spotted last summer all by himself. He went through the fall and winter seemingly okay, but alone at a landfill. When the spring season rolled around though, he seemed unable to fly. When Department of Lands and Forestry brought him to CWRC, he presented as weak, emaciated and dehydrated.
He was also lead poisoned, with elevated lead levels. Soon after arriving at CWRC, he went through 1 round of chelation therapy to treat the lead poisoning, as well as hydration therapy and starvation protocol.

As vultures are a social bird, and this fine fellow had been alone for quite a while, the issue of depression had to be addressed ASAP. As soon as multiple mirrors were placed in his critical care enclosure, he started to perk up! When we were able to move him out to his larger enclosure in The Big Jeezley, toys and multiple full length mirrors were added.

One interesting vulture fact (of many): when threatened, vultures will projectile vomit. If this doesn't sound too bad or effective, trust us! Your eyes, nose (and gag reflex) will never forget the experience! 🤢

A huge shoutout to the Nova Scotia Birding Society and its members for their help in very quickly responding to our facebook post on their page asking for help locating a suitable site for this release!  It was a fabulous spot with a number of turkey vultures in nearby trees for our vulture to join.  

Thanks to our volunteer Erin Galler, our very own Vulture Queen, for the photos and videos and braving the long, rather 'fragrant' drive to release the vulture.
Check out the video to see the moment the vulture takes flight - MASSIVE wingspan - slo mo - perfect shadowing - green grass - blue sky.
This was the best vulture release yet!
Want to see the video? Click here!

Fuzzy chickie babe
Check out the hairdos on this chick! From fuzzy flathead to mohawk with attitude (picture top right) 😄 

   A concerned citizen spotted this broad-winged hawk fledgling,(Fledgling is a bird that has just left its nest), on the side of a dirt road in apparent distress. When help arrived it was clear the bird needed assistance and was transported to us here at the CWRC.

   Upon arrival that evening the bird was given an initial assessment by summer student Kristy under the direction of Wildlife Operations Manager Brenda Boates. They provided the young bird with water and a small amount of specially prepared food then tucked it in to a safe, quiet, dark enclosure for the night.

   The next morning Dr. Rock, one of our volunteer veterinarians, provided a physical exam of the hawk. She found the bird to be in good condition overall.

   This beautiful fledgling is bright and feisty and eating well. It is now on a very strictly timed feeding routine, which includes multiple small feedings per day, and daily weigh ins.

This bird has an excellent chance of making a full recovery for return to the wild.


Tiny but Mighty!

I have no doubt this Merlin fledgling would be horrified to know how adorable we think he is - just look at that killer attitude!  
  • He was out of the nest a bit too early and must have hit his wing on the way down.
  • He was also in a location which was dangerous to leave him, right beside a busy road and not even close to being able to fly.
  • The parents weren't looking for him when we went to check it out as they were busy with their other chicks.
  • Between his wound, the dangerous location, and his parents being busy, it was safest to bring him to our centre to heal up his wound, feed him up and prepare him for release. 

Virtual Garden Tour - Summer 2020 - Call for Garden Submissions

We are currently developing our first-ever Virtual Garden Tour fundraiser and we’re looking for gardeners of all types to share their gardens with us!
We’re inviting gardeners to privately submit 10-15 minute videos of their gardens that we will organize on a central webpage. Once we have a reasonable number of videos on the page, we will advertise the garden tour and people can pay $10 to get the link and password to the Virtual Garden Tour.
If you would like to share your garden but need help with the technical process of creating and submitting a video, we may be able to match you with someone close to you with the right skills. Please email if you need help with this part of the process.

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If you'd like to see the Big Jeezley eagle flyway in action RIGHT NOW - you can!
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Stay safe and take care of each other!

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