Issue 001

Friday, March 27, 2020

It's Friday, 3/27. This is the first issue of plus450, a personal motivator for me to stay creative and hungry during these trying times. If you're getting this, you signed up for it, so I'll spare you the bullshit introductions and get down to business. (But thanks for subscribing, seriously)

A few words.

I found myself waking up this morning, almost content. Yet, countless times a day I remind myself how drastic this all is. A mere two weeks ago, we were still so blind. Three weeks ago, this was a joke. Four weeks ago I submitted paperwork for time off from work mid-April.

Nothing is the same.

I have dissonance about the drastic measures we as a society so swiftly took, yet the fact that they still weren't and aren't enough. I laugh among and confide in friends and coworkers on crowded zoom calls yet wonder when I'll be laughing on a crowded N train again. Our cities, our relationships, our outlooks are changing by the hour, and it's frankly hard to keep up. But, the overused Persian adage, "This too shall pass" is valid at a time like this. It's hard to tell what things will look like when we come out of this—how things will change. 

I've been searching for positives among all this, again, as I think many are, to keep myself motivated and encouraged. And, there are a lot of positives to be found. Carbon emissions are down. I have reunited virtually with friends I haven't spoken with in months. There are almost equal numbers dogs as people walking down the sidewalk. When this is over we might finally realize healthcare needs to be fixed. People fighting for work-from-home abilities are seeing that become a reality.

I do think it's remarkable how much we have transformed as a society, practically overnight. More needs to be done, but we'll get through this. And someday, this will be one hell of a campfire story.

Some visual stimuli.

Tribal 121 rebrand.
Behance Link
Posters from Quim Marin's studio
Behance Link
CD destruction by Rus Khasanov
Behance Link
Zumtobel Annual Report by &Walsh

A playlist.

A mix I'll update every week to give current to your work/study/play-from-home. Follow it and save what you like!

A photo of Times Square.

Times Square this morning. Image courtesy EarthCam. It's quite interesting taking a peek at spots like this at a time like this... try it out yourself!

A free design film.

Watch Gary Hustwit's Objectified free until April 1! Each Thursday he'll be posting a new film to watch here.

A free conference.

Last week, Adobe and 99U announced the 99U Conference would move online and be free! More details to come.

A rabbit hole.

While working on a branding project this past week, I found myself falling into a rabbit hole of airline and airport knowledge. I dove head-first into an incredibly nerdy report on typography for NASA, fell in love with this flickr album of vintage baggage tags, and learned a lot about them in this article. One of my favorite things about my profession is this very ability to get lost in new realms and industries—learning things I might never have come across otherwise.
That's it! Thank you for scrolling and hopefully appreciating. Shoot me a line at if you'd like to share your thoughts or feedback on this first issue. See you next week, and be well.
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