Issue 012

Friday, July 31, 2020

It's Friday, 7/31. This is the twelfth issue of plus450, a personal motivator for me to stay creative and hungry.

A few words.

Another week draws to a close...and so does July...yikes! Though I'm back in the city now, over the last few weeks, I've been spending some time in Virginia, cooking some of my favorites, enjoying a more rural environment, and drawing on some new inspiration.

Seeing Monument Ave in Richmond was an awakening experience to say the least. I spoke briefly about this on my personal instagram, but I was truly awestruck upon seeing the statue of Robert E. Lee. Now surrounding it, barriers covered in #BLM mantras, memorials of some lost to racism, community plant beds, and a basketball hoop. A space that was once a desolate traffic circle had been transformed into a place for the community, and the community was using it. The graffiti covering the base of the towering statue a piece of history, much like the Berlin wall. 

In the same day, I dawned a mask and entered a local skateshop, making the spontaneous decision to purchase a skateboard. Where this motivation came from, I am still puzzled, however it's been really fun learning something new that isn't a piece of software. To be clear, I currently suck, but am slowly and stubbornly getting better.

Some visual stimuli.

Festival TransAmeriques Posters by La Maison W / Havas Montreal
Behance Link
2020 Calendar by Polar, ltda.
Rocket branding by Pop & Pac
Behance Link

A playlist.

A fresh new mix to lift your spirits as July says goodbye. ✌🏼

Listen Now! ▶️

A letter to New York City.

Pentagram partner Giorgia Lupi creates an interactive project inviting New Yorkers to expound upon what they miss about the city and what they hope it will become. 
Try it out!

An AI powered text generator.

This quirky, funky text generator may perhaps be your newest Lorem Ipsum replacement. It uses artificial intelligence to generate new rambling text about design and branding. Try it out!

A pair of new typefaces for a presidential campaign.

Hoefler & Co., designer of Gotham, the font that gained popularity and some credit for the Obama '08 campaign, just upgraded Joe Biden's campaign toolkit.
That's it! Thank you for scrolling and hopefully appreciating. Just hit reply if you'd like to share your thoughts or feedback. Have a great week—wear a mask.

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