Issue 003

Sunday, April 12, 2020

It's Sunday, 4/12. Thanks for opening the third issue of plus450. And happy Easter! This is turning into more of an 8-day cycle, and I'm okay with that.

A few words.

We enter this weekend with perhaps some renewed hope. Cases in New York and the U.S. are beginning to plateau. This does not mean the work is over, but finally, I think I speak for many, when I say this brings just an ounce of redemption. Doing our small part of staying inside these past few weeks has had an incremental, yet pivotal, impact on keeping each other healthy. That's worth some momentary, cautious celebration.

This week I joined my girlfriend at her apartment for quarantining activities. I was able to witness the applause for essential workers from her rooftop in Harlem. It is hard to overstate what an unexpectedly touching moment this has become for us, each day, at 7:00PM. We make a cocktail each evening—this week I frequented the proverbial corner bar (the kitchen) to craft up what I'm calling the Harlem Spritz: 1 part vodka; 2 parts grapefruit juice; a dash of grenadine; a squirt of honey; shaken with ice; then topped with ginger beer. Following the com bartending, we run up five flights of stairs to the rooftop to join millions of others leaning out windows, stepping out on balconies, and lining rooftop railings. As the hour approaches you see the woman across the street who has taken this opportunity to begin a new tradition—reading on her fire escape and enjoying a beer—close her book to prepare. Children bunch up in the windows of cramped public housing. Couples with a much-too-expensive rooftop apartment saunter out onto their terrace. It is perhaps, a new equalizer. At the hour mark, a trickle of claps and wooden spoons on pots turns to a roar. People leap onto citibikes just to ring their bells. Car horns honk up and down the street. People scream and cheer and woo as if their home-team has taken the field. It is, so wonderful. This is no overly optimistic declaration of unity or world peace, but there is heart here. 

Some visual stimuli.

Kiosk 59: The Coming of Age Edition by Michael Zager & Lauren HakmillerAlyssa EngelJordan Graham, and Cole Drees
Behance Link
Quaranzine by Vyara Boyadjieva
Behance Link
Zine Link
Neuro Packaging & Product Design by Herman Scheer
Behance Link

A playlist.

New mix! I literally added the entire new Strokes album. Plus one Joywave song from their new release. It's an extremely fresh batch. Remember to save songs you want to keep — updated weekly!

A treasure trove of Rams.

If you love Dieter Rams — only one of the world's most influential German industrial designers — you'll love this archive of his work for Braun, 1955-1995. 

Another free design film...about Rams.

Another free Gary Hustwit film, Rams, free until April 14!

A free, online, creative powerhouse talk.

Wix Playground presents "It's Nice That" "Design For Community" (I'm not really sure what the event is called...) An online Zoom event featuring the amazing Eike König, Danielle Pender, Jessica Walsh, and Ollie Olanipekun on 4/23. You don't want to miss this. Reserve your spot here!

A famous logo returns.

In the most exciting news of this month for graphic designers, NASA announced they were bringing back the infamous "worm" logo, designed by Danne & Blackburn. This version of their logo was in use from 1975–1992, until it was retired in favor of the original. 

"A New World Through My Window".

A great New Yorker article by Olga Tokarczuk about how our view of the world is changing during this time.
That's it! Thank you for scrolling and hopefully appreciating. Shoot me a line at if you'd like to share your thoughts or feedback on this first issue. Have a great rest of your weekend! See you next week, and be well!
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