Issue 005

Monday, April 27, 2020

It's Monday, 4/27. This is the fifth issue of plus450, a personal motivator for me to stay creative and hungry during these trying times.

A few words.

I have always associated my music listening habits to the mood or environment of the moment. There's almost no overlap between my Summer and Winter music. I have playlists for cooking and drinking, and totally different playlists for design focus or jamming. One realization I've had over the last couple weeks is the fact that the genres of music I typically listen to on my commute have vanished from my library. My Spotify wrapped at the end of the year is going to be telling.

My girlfriend and I explored the Conservatory Garden over the weekend. I never cease to be amazed by Central Park's vastness. There's something so enchanting about losing your bearings in the woods, yet knowing you're still in the center of one of the biggest cities on Earth. Assuming what seemed obvious, I searched to see how Central Park stacked up size-wise against other city parks—learning it is not nearly the largest, but only the fifth largest park in New York. Humbled once again. 

Another ponder: What is the future of business cards?

A ritual: Ever since I purchased this Lamy Safari fountain pen in high school, it has been a sort of totem for me. A touchstone with reality and my changing environment. From Maine to Virginia to Europe to New York, it has followed me and scribbled my thoughts, regrets, ramblings, and plans on notebooks. It runs out of ink, inevitably. Quite often, in fact. The act of replenishing the ink cartridge—refueling it for another month or so of treks across parchment—has become a soothing ritual for me. Here's what that looks like:
Stop-motion animation of a Lamy being refueled.

Some visual stimuli.

Playgrounds Main Titles by The Panics
Video Link
Yes Chef! brand by Toohey Creative
TP Quarantine typeface by Typical Organization

A playlist.

The newest mix, updated for this week!

A comparison of New York to Paris.

Shared by a coworker, and not new, though truly charming.

A set of emojis for designers (finally).

Jessica Walsh and partners at &Walsh have been working on an emoji set for graphic designers for almost a year, and it's finally here with even some coronavirus-related moods. Download them for free!

A free episode of Abstract: The Art of Design

My favorite episode of Netflix's "Abstract: The Art of Design" series is now free on YouTube. No need to steal a netflix subscription for this one. Bask in Scher's typographic badassery for free.
That's it! Thank you for scrolling and hopefully appreciating. Shoot me a line at if you'd like to share your thoughts or feedback on this first issue. Have a great week—stay inside and stay hungry.

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