Issue 014

Thursday, September 24, 2020

It's Thursday, 9/24. This is the fourteenth issue of plus450, a personal motivator for me to stay creative and hungry during these trying times. It's also my dad's birthday!

A few words.

Living in New York is to be spoiled.

When relatives called, worried I would be stranded without food, I explained there were at least 4 grocery stores, a 7-eleven, and 2 halal carts within a short walk. When a performer books a tour, they’re probably doing at least one show here. Oh and trash is collected twice a week (WOW).

I grew up in a place where this was not reality, and while the drive into the city to stand in line at one of the finer coffee shops was, albeit forcibly, charming, it was also a bit of a drag. I wonder what all those folks, so intent on escaping city living, will do when they can no longer walk down to Trade Fair while the oven is preheating for the flour you’re one-half cup short.

One recent morning, I donned a windbreaker, because as I wrote last week, the cool air has unapologetically arrived. I strolled past PS17, abuzz with faculty inside preparing for whenever or if-ever students will arrive. Astoria Coffee is one of my favorite establishments, because it is so accidentally unpretentious. I think the genesis behind it was to fall in line with the hip, modern cafes: scripty logo, white subway tile backsplash, a refusal to carry flavored syrups. But I love it, in its fortuitous humility, so dwarfed by the cloud that is 2020. They pour exquisite shots of espresso and are some of the friendliest folks in the neighborhood. There was a lone barista awaiting my arrival, living her own life, probably internally reflecting in a similar way about this small NY coffee shop she works in during the rest of our lives. I walked out into the dangerous, "anarchist" New York world with a hot cappuccino in hand.
Now for some creative bits and bobs.

Check out this reimagining of the cubicle by Sabine Marcelis, featuring a glorious hidden pop of bright yellow. Gotta love that.

I also love this conceptual rebrand of REI. It's an older project by Hyunjoo Kim, but really follows through with some excellent mockups and believable execution.

And who can't get behind an architectural exhibit for dogs.

Lastly, I cannot get enough of this beautifully post-formalist brand identity for the Arts Foundation

Take a stream through this issue's playlist! Featuring HAIM, Strabe, and Peach Pit in a smooth, groovy mix.

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