Issue 013

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Good evening. It's Tuesday, 9/15. This is the thirteenth issue of plus450, a personal motivator for me to stay creative and hungry during these trying times. Hey thanks for sticking around!

A few words.

It's been a while since we last spoke. I've gotten quite good at enjoying life within these new constraints. It hasn't been easy, but I think my familiarity with it comes partially from my stubborn refusal to flee New York when things locked down. While Summer is definitely singing its last song, I'm hopeful and encouraged.

If you're like me, you're looking forward to donning the first flannel of the season and warming yourself with hot cider. A sudden crispness of air brings what's next. Fall is becoming my favorite season, full of transition and new beginnings. It's adorned with nostalgia. There's also something just so charming to me about the constant state of preparation everyone seems to be in during the Fall. Holiday to holiday, leaves falling, frosts freezing, and eventually the first snow.

I plan on seizing these next few months. This is reality, and I think a lot of folks are still in the denial phase on 2020. There's no time to be waiting around hoping things will "get better" and there is certainly no time to be pretending nothing is happening at all. We need to do our part, wear masks, distance, and find new ways to thrive. Picking apples in masks, chairs at thanksgiving feasts 6' apart — all more content for the history!

A new side project.

I'm super excited to share a bit of a micro-project that I've been working on bit by bit over the last few months. I've always been romanticized by Benjamin Franklin's Join, or Die cartoon, known for being a major symbol of the American Revolution.

I'm passionate about our upcoming election, and I believe every vote matters now more than ever. Join, or die was a call for unity. Like Live together, die alone, it issues a plea that survival depends on cooperation. I thought, what if I parodied Franklin's cartoon, to issue a new plea: Vote, or die. A creative exercise, a nudge to do your civic duty.
I recreated the snake motif, except instead of 10 segments, representing colonies (New England being considered one and Georgia omitted), I divided the snake into four: V,O,T,E. 

I then drew custom type that makes a bold, imperfectly authentic call to its viewers. The word "OR" is colored red, as it is the pivotal decision point.

I created numerous mockups and fact sheets that share stats and voter resources, encouraging viewers to register, vote, and volunteer.

Some visual stimuli.

Lucron office by Cechvala Architects
RiAperto festival branding by Andrea Bianchi
Behance Link
GAK Rebrand by Anna Okrassa, Berenika Godlewska, and Adrian Samselski
Behance Link

A playlist.

A new mix to take you through these next few weeks of September. Listen now!

An expansion of LogoArchive

I've been following Richard Baird's LogoArchives for a couple years now, but very excited to see it expand to showcase and feature logo works by country and region. There are now unique accounts to follow for Japan, Italy, Belgium, USA, and more. Check it out!
That's it! Thank you for scrolling and sticking with me. Just hit reply if you'd like to share your thoughts or feedback. Have a great week—stay inside and stay hungry.

And lastly, a reminder to

Register to vote!

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