Issue 009

Sunday, May 31, 2020

A few words.

It's been a week. I'm wrapping up my two weeks in Maine and struggling to keep up with the rapid release of very disturbing news. I'm back in New York, where tension is high, as it is just about anywhere else in the U.S. right now. I went back and forth about what I should write or mention or advocate for this week—trying to understand my place in the current political civil rights climate. Ultimately, I decided to say something, while acknowledging that I am not an expert, I have never first-hand witnessed police brutality, and I am white—endowed with privilege that I reap every day. I do however believe that not saying something, while seeing what is clearing happening: injustice documented like never before—makes me complicit: a side of history I don't care to live amongst.

What is happening, not just in Minneapolis, not just in Georgia, but covertly in communities all across our country, is racism. It is, at essence, the same poison that has been arrogantly flowing through the veins of this country since its inception. To disagree, and claim racism has been eliminated in America, is simply a self-proof that it has not been. A badge is not a license to kill. Everyone, no matter their race, creed, age, sexual orientation or preference, or any other factor, should be able to trust law enforcement, and that is still not true. 

Do not sit by and say nothing. Here are some helpful links and resources:
Minnesota Freedom Fund | @jenerous | An Antiracist Reading List
Justice for Big Floyd | Brooklyn Bail Fund | Safety During Protests

Those are all my words for this week, I had others, but this is more important. Stay safe and remember that #BlackLivesMatter.

Some visual stimuli.

Quarantine Badges by Lisa McCormick
Behance Link
Identity for Type Director's Club by Bond.
Jenny Holzer Messages for The City

A @PrideTrain Poster

@PrideTrain poster, RE: 2020 Protests

A Q&A with Studio Dumbar

Interviews with Studio Dumbar about working from home.
That's it. Don't forget to speak up. Silence is complicit. And register to vote.

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