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Blessings of Free Will

The world is changing and hopefully, you are right on target, using the messy energies of Global Consciousness available to us right now, to facilitate a deeper awareness of your own internal chaos and bringing personal order to internal entropy.

Whilst these deeper world moments compound our own energy and can be used to allow us to be released from our shadow and all that no longer serves us, it is also really important to hold a vision of where we would like to grow to. This is really like activating the very best version of ourselves we can imagine. We have the opportunity to embody our Divine blueprint, the perfection of all we choose. What makes this happen is our Free Will.

You can choose what to imagine you are. You can be that right now, if you want to be. Hold a vision of the state you want to live in deep ceremony with, see it flowing through your entire being. The more you will this empowered place into being, the more presence it will have in your life.

In times of chaos it is so important not to forget who we really are. You are an empowered being of life and light, temporarily inhabiting a human form. You are indestructible, perfect and whole. This is the you, accessible to you, whenever you wish to connect with it.

Before you do the meditation for this month's module, take a moment to consider the very best version of yourself you can imagine. Then use the meditation to powerfully connect to this self and draw this into your reality from the quantum realm of possibilities. Cocreate your astonishing beauty and radiant power. You have all the strength you ever needed, to get through this moment, and the next...

You can download all of the Blessings From Beyond episodes in the library along with more free goodies on my new web site. Enjoy :)

Sending many blessings,
Avril :)

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