The Method in the Madness...

So many people are questioning why the world is going through so much at the moment. They feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of all, we are collectively experiencing.

At the same time, many feel an inward sense of hope, 'knowing' on a deeper level, that the changes unfolding, may be leading to a shift for the better.

In this newsletter I will share what the Universal Guides I connect with, are showing me about the bigger picture of all that is.

It's a long read, but I hope it brings you peace, understanding and hope.

The Truth Is.... We Have Been Lost.

This time, is an invitation to re-find ourselves again. 

We have been living in a collective delusion, making the unimportant, priorities. We have been asleep. We are being woken. This has been happening for a while. First a gentle hand was placed on our shoulders. There was a pat on the back. A shuddering happened to shake us awake. And when we still remained asleep, our collective house caught on fire and most recently, our lives were threatened by a pandemic. Our wake up call is now loud and very very clear. We can't miss this one and we can't stay asleep any longer.

How do we take comfort in the discomfort of now? By remembering the big picture of what is unfolding...

Covid-19 is the most brilliant conscious awakening tool, I have ever witnessed. Through the devastating situation it creates for humanity, it is causing us to change, whether we like it, or not. So far, some observations I have noticed, are that it has made us: 
  • treasure the elderly again,
  • 'see' the massive difference in quality of life across the planet,
  • work through a tremendous amount of our 'safety' issues,
  • learn to manage anxiety,
  • take better care of the homeless,
  • become more locally focused,
  • cut down masses of pollution through the use of cars and planes.
  • It has caused us to change our way of life, no longer wasting vast amounts of petrol on insignificant travel needed to and fro from work.
  • It has highlighted the fractures in our family structures,
  • It has placed caregivers and teachers in the important social structure once more, with them receiving well deserved gratitude.
  • It has highlighted the importance of our nurses, who have been so undervalued for so long.
  • It has suggested the idea of free medicine for all, planting the seed of ethical responsibility in the pharmaceutical industry! 
  • It has caused us to reevaluate the relationships that are important to us, to treasure those we miss.
  • It has invited us to reevaluate our mass consumerism, reinvigorating the idea of not buying and sticking to budgets.
  • It has caused the world to go into chaos, to highlight the rights of people over governments, values of equality over racism and injustice.
So far it has caused such a change, that our world has moved from one place of existence to another. And it is not done transforming us yet. I believe there are two further changes that will be highlighted to come.

The first is the economic structure. How can something we all worship and have so much faith in, that we let dictate the entire way we live, be SO vulnerable? Is the foundation of our society fundamentally flawed?

In a few months, the way of life we lead to sustain us, has collapsed. Terms like 'major recession' and 'world depression' are being thrown around, because for a few months, some people could not work.

I believe this will begin to highlight how flawed our economic system is. If you turn your car off and park it in your garage for a few months, it should not have fallen apart when you go to start it up again. Our economic system is flawed and it must change. We cannot worship the almighty dollar any longer.

We made money up. We need to make some other system up, to invigorate life, sustainably. I don't think we know what that looks like yet, but one thing is for sure, we have been putting our faith in a frail and unworthy god, called money. 

The second area that this awakening is calling for us to see, is our Earth Mother. We cannot sustain life here, if we continue to rape and pillage our Mother Earth, the same way this virus is sucking the life out of our human elders. In conjunction with an overhaul of an economic way of life, we need one that sustains the planet. There is a way to live well, while the planet lives well. We have to find that way, for all of us.

I believe when we have these things in place, the difficulty of these lessons, will subside. I also have a great sense, if we remain asleep, we will continue to experience great difficulty in the world and the message to change, will get even louder.

What You Can Do to Awaken?

What this requires from each of us is actually very simple. Notice what bothers you about the way life is, that does not make life, the primary objective. Find a way, personally, to be part of the solution. If we all do this, we will move the energy of awakening to a place, where enough are awakened, it creates a momentum for the rest.

To truly listen, you will need a personal sanctuary, a place to go within and step back from the troubles of the world. Use your meditation or spiritual practice, to give you this vantage point. Spend time in nature or create your sanctuary and personal space, in whatever ways you can. Then listen and tune in.

Listen to life also. What makes you feel good, when you do it? Not the 'feel good' of addictions and negative patterning that gets a moments high, but to the deep and true feelings within. When you experience these, your total being is ecstatic. You regain a sense of wonder. You feel energized and free, in a very healthy way. You know, you are living the very best version of yourself.

I believe we can all make this change in a non-violent way, with thoughtfulness, consideration and deep presence. I believe we all need to do this now. We need to take action, not stay numb and begin the journey towards wholeness and wellbeing for all. 

We are the ones we've been waiting for. Now IS the time. It is the human beings of the world, not corporations, governments or industries, that will change the world. Humans choose governments. Humans fund corporations, or not. Put your resources, where it counts. Don't bash against the old systems, support new and better ones. Find solutions. Implement better strategies. Don't spend time arguing about what is (please politicians!), just get in there and fix it. We need to stop wasting energy on disagreeing and begin to live in a different way now. 

For this to happen, we need to be made aware of what is not working. Our world's Throat Chakra in the USA, is doing a profound job of showing us the expression of the worst of humanity right now. So much is being made visible. In the Crown Chakra of the world, we have disputes over space, the line is literally being drawn. How we can all live in the world together, respectful of one another's right to exist, will be seen soon there. The world Chakras are exhibiting the changes that need to happen. Watch them closely. From Australia's Solar Plexus fires, to Europe and the UK's Heart Chakra being tested. Big things are moving in the Mother's energy system. Big things are moving, within all of us. Do your inner work, while you watch the outer world become your inspiration.

Be aware of the messaging. Those in power are trying to shape your opinions to keep you stuck, accepting what makes them more powerful, or more profit. We must see the spindoctoring for what it is and continue to vision a world that is unified, life-giving and whole, with clarity and understanding. 

What kind of world do you want to create? For yourself? For others? For your children? The seeds we plant now will determine our future, so plant carefully.

I am so excited to be witnessing this profound time of human evolution. We are heading to a much better way of existing.

Thank You for being one of the caretakers of this profound change, for all life on earth. I am so glad you are here to help. :)
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