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I am continuing the uploads. This week I have added the following resources for you to download. Enjoy!

I will also post some information at the end of this newsletter with more insights to help you navigate this new emerging consciousness.

Take good care of you.

Wishing you all so many blessings,

A Lightworkers Self Healing 
When you give, you need to equally receive. In this sacred meditation landscape, you will be guided to draw in the elements you need, for maximum rejuvenation. Foster your wellbeing. After this meditation you'll have more to give others. Radiate life and energy.

Angelic Adventures
Connect with the beautiful Angels that guide and support you. You can use this meditation to meet your Guardian Angel or other Angels who support and help you, to actualize this Divine connection.

Animal Totems - Meet Yours
Wondered who your animal totems are? In this meditation you can meet them! See who they are and why they help you. Journey to meet your animal totem today!

Auric Supercharging
This meditation clears debris out of your Auric field, charges you up with life force, helps you maintain personal and energetic distance from others and is the key to feeling your maximum life force every day. Feel great!! If there is one single meditation the whole world should do, this is it! Super charge yourself today!

Chakra Blowing Aura Explorer
In this meditation you'll be guided to explore your Aura. Your Aura is the layers of Soul energy around your physical body. Interacting with your Aura gives you a direct dialogue into your Soul and all it is trying to show you, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If you're looking for understanding or greater messages, this meditation can be used for insights, wisdom and healing. Become an Aura Explorer today!

Chakra Clearing and Healing
Having a clean energy system promotes good health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Feel great after clearing your Chakras of all debris that stop your life force from flowing unhindered. Embody your most powerful and health-filled capacity.

Attune to Your Essence
Whenever you feel out of sorts and cannot find your centre, when the storm of life is buzzing around you and through you, when you feel so caught up in your 'stuff', that you cannot find your Divine, use this meditation to help you re-find your essence. A live class meditation recorded to help you find inner peace, no matter the stress or conflict around you, this meditation will centre you amidst any emerging chaos. Find your essence again. Find your peace.

Explore the Shadow Self
When blocked from manifesting, experiencing full health, cultivating love or other ideals, what is it that stops us? In the shamanic landscape, this limitation is called our 'shadow', the place within us that is unconscious. Making the blocks and drivers conscious, releases all hindrances to the manifestation of our deepest desires. In this meditation, you'll be guided to meet your shadow self and communicate with it. Start the meditation with an intention to clear a situation from your experience and your shadow self will show you how. Explore the Shadow Self today and create the life of your dreams unhindered.

Explore Your Core Health Issues
In this meditation you will experience the energy behind your core health issues, learning what they are trying to show you, about bringing balance and harmony to your entire system. If you have health issues that won't go away, try this meditation.

Get to Know Your Spirit Guides
Wonder who it is, that is helping you? In this meditation you'll be guided to meet your Spiritual Guide and to develop some beginning communication with them, that you can use to receive guidance when you need it. You can use this meditation if you have never met your Guide before or, if you have a Guide change and want to meet the new Guide working with you.
Psychic Protection and Energy
Need more energy? This meditation will help you reconnect to the vitality within you to feel great. It can also cleanse away psychic debris that may be causing you to feel congested, blocking your life force flow. Feel energized!

Relax, Remember, Renew and Revive
Take a few minutes to reconnect to your essence place. Centre yourself to release stress, fear, worry and return to calm, peace and clarity.

Relaxation and Healing
Enter a landscape of peace, tranquility and beauty, to dwell for a moment, creating calm, sanctuary and bliss in your life.

Tree Roots Grounding Meditation
Earthing helps all things that are electrical to maintain smooth flowing current, without shorting out. The same is true for human beings! In this short meditation you will learn to ground your energy using a simple visualisation that will ensure you hold the maximum life force, of which you are capable. Feel powerful and charged today.
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What's Happening to the Consciousness on Planet Earth?

Breathe into the deeper awareness. It is a time of unity. What lies inside each of us, is a doorway. We must stare the fear in the face and walk through this doorway. This fear is not regarding a virus, which will only be a bleep on the larger scale of humanities unfolding journey. The fear we must face, is the fear we have of change.

We are not going back to the world we have allowed to be created. It is no longer a safe world. We cannot rely on commerce to protect us. We cannot see the economy as a god who cares for us and will keep all of us, surviving well. We must return to the values of the old ways, where life, is the primary objective.

Start now. How can you be self sufficient? Can you grow your own food? Can you work with others in your community to ensure the resources you need are there, for you all? Can you include Mother Earth as part of your community? Can you see to Her needs also? Can you live with inspiration, doing what you love, instead of being enslaved by what you have to do? This is not living. Look deeply at your life. What can you let go of what you no longer need? What do you really need?

There is a massive stirring inside the deeper unconscious of humanity. It calls us to WAKE UP now. We cannot continue living in the greed model we have been moved towards. We must find another way to exist, where life, is the primary objective. Open your consciousness to the idea things could be changing for the better. There is nothing to fear. This is the precipice of the moment, where life starts again. A better way is coming and you, are part of the solution.
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