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Global Consciousness Blessing

The greater field of consciousness is like a background noise, inviting us to work through and release, all that makes us small. Right now, all humans, all over the world, are being invited into our largeness on a grand scale.

All that is perceived as 'negative' at the moment is an invitation to release. If you're feeling tensions as you realign to the very best version of your self, work with these, as activations. We can literally use the tensions of the moment to transform our lives into peace, wellbeing and clarity.

Are you ready to live the best version of you? Are you feeling the tensions and stress as fatigue? Have old issues re-emerged?

Now is the time to use Global Consciousness and all it is unwrapping, to magnetise your own process into high gear, release gracefully and let go of all that no longer serves you. In this meditation journey, you'll be guided to bring out what no longer serves you, allowing it to take a better form, for the betterment of your life and the world!

There is not just a single blessing in this one. In fact the meditation can be used over and again to release and gain many blessings, embodying your most liberated and luminous self! So relax, let go and enjoy! :)

You download all of the Blessings From Beyond episodes in the library along with more free goodies on my new web site. Enjoy :)

Sending many blessings,
Avril :)

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