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Blessings of Return

This year has been such a journey for most people. If you feel like a lump of clay that has been kneaded and pushed into new forms, you are not alone.

Not only have we done the big work in the world this year, with huge things happening for everyone, but we have also been doing some really intense inner work!

If you have felt the big shifts and been working on the deepest layers of yourself, well done. This has been effecting the collective more than you might realise and, what a great opportunity to use the intense energies for something really positive!

Now it is time to re-calibrate and get to know the new us, that has evolved. Take a deep breath, stop, be, get to know your new space and feel the blessings of return! We're back!!!!!

The gentle rain that began while I was recording the meditation this month was so symbolic of the gentle and nurturing energies that return to bless us. So soak it up now. You have made it through. You deserve it.

I have really enjoyed sharing this series with you all and I hope it has helped you ride the tumultuous energies of 2020 with as much ease and grace and of course lots and lots of blessings!

You can download all of the Blessings From Beyond episodes in the library along with more free goodies on my new web site. Enjoy :)

Sending many blessings,
Avril :)

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