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Happy New Year!

Allow me to begin the first e-bulletin of the year by wishing you all a very Happy New Year trust that 2023 will be a better year for us all. I hope you had a splendid Christmas surrounded by family and friends. The celebrations we have seen across Romford for Christmas and over the last thirty-two hours, as we welcomed the start of a new year, have been truly wonderful.  I hope 2023 has good things in store for our country!

What a year it is set to be! For the first time in seventy years, we will be witnessing the coronation of a monarch - an event which is steeped in traditional British customs and pageantry.  The coronation of our new Sovereign much surely be an opportunity for our country to come together in support of His Majesty, King Charles III and his consort, Her Majesty, Queen Camilla. 

This winter has been so difficult for many of us, as we suffer the consequences of lockdowns, the pandemic and the Russian war in Ukraine, but I believe that 2023 will be a year that will give us all hope for the future.

As always, I am happy to speak to my constituents directly on whatever local or national issues are important to them over the coming weeks.

So, if you want to get in touch, please e-mail me and further contact details are available below.

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Christmas in Romford

It was certainly a cold December month, but the touching sense of merrymaking and gift-giving of Christmas certainly warmed the heart. I have been up and down the constituency delivering my Christmas cards to every home. My Christmas card was dedicated in honour of our late and dear Queen

I could not have received a warmer welcome from constituents across Romford and Hornchurch and it was lovely to meet so many people and be able to wish them a Happy Christmas in person!

It has also been an absolute pleasure to attend Christmas events across Romford hosted by various churches, charities, and organisations. I have always been proud of Romford and Hornchurch's sense of community and there is no time of year where this is exhibited more than at Christmastide!

Andrew Rosindell M.P. and Councillor Viddy Persaud (Rush Green & Crowlands), with Romford’s Town Crier, Tony Appleton, celebrating Christmas recently!

The Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla

As was the theme of last year with the historic occasion of Her late Majesty's Platinum Jubilee, 2023 will be another notable year in royal history. 

It has been exactly seventy years since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II - an event which took place in a Britain still scarred by war and in recovery. Not to quite the same extent, but in a similar strain, this year's coronation will be staged during our recuperation following the difficult winter we are currently living through. What an opportunity to come together and celebrate our traditions and all the components which makes our country great! 

In 1953, as televisions were sparsely owned, Britons across the country flocked to the front of television retailers or to neighbours who were lucky enough to have television units to watch this momentous occasion. Despite the inevitable logistical nightmare, 75% of Britain watched with awe at this breathtaking spectacle - the absolute pinnacle of high British culture and tradition. 

We may be living through hard times, but this must not compromise the pomp and pageantry of a coronation - a rare occasion and something most of the country has never seen before. I look forward to proclaiming, with millions of others across our country and the Commonwealth, to the tune of Zadok the Priest as the Crown is placed on His Majesty's head, "God save the King! Long live the King! God save the King! May the King live for ever. Amen. Hallelujah."

Over the last month, Andrew Rosindell M.P. has been up and down the constituency of Romford attending Christmas events meeting people from all over our town! 

Photo 1 – Andrew visits Burlington’s Fish ‘n Chip shop in Main Road, Gidea Park.

Photo 2 – Havering Learning Disabilities Society Christmas Party 
at St. Edward’s School, London Road, Romford.

Photo 3 – Andrew visits The Rotunda sheltered housing accommodation in Romford to meet residents and deliver a Christmas card to each home.

Photo 4 – Visiting St. Andrew’s Church in Romford for their annual Christmas Fair
with Cllr. Viddy Persaud, who represents the Rush Green & Crowlands Ward.

Photo 5 – Christmas Party at Margaret Thatcher House, Romford, hosted by Andrew Rosindell M.P.

Brexit and Northern Ireland

I condemn, to the strongest degree, comments made by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, equating the Irish struggle for independence and United Kingdom sovereignty over Northern Ireland with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Her speech at the joint sitting of the Houses of the Oireachtas in Dublin was utterly insensitive and inflammatory, given the ongoing tense nature of debate around the Northern Ireland protocol. 

Northern Ireland has had a separate history and different identity to that of the Republic of Ireland and poll after poll rejects calls for Irish ‘reunification’ – a term I use reluctantly given that Ireland has never been an unified entity outside of the jurisdiction of the British Crown!    

Madame von der Leyen has shown contempt and ignorance for the innocent people, both protestant and catholic, that were murdered and wounded during the Irish Republican Army’s brutal guerrilla campaign against Britain and the British people – a reign of terror which is raw and can still be felt in Northern Ireland to this day.    

Brexit has not been and will not be fulfilled until the Northern Ireland protocol has been removed and no border exists down the Irish Sea. We are a United Kingdom which traditionally has consisted of three Kingdoms: England, Scotland, and Ireland. The Northern Ireland protocol makes our Acts of Union null and void. We will not truly be a United Kingdom until it has been removed. Von der Leyen’s comments are just further evidence that the playing field is completely unbalanced and demonstrate that the European Union are attempting to justify their economic annexation of an integral part of our country.    

If we need proof that our decision to leave this political union of the European Union was the right decision, we need not look further than to the comments made by this de facto European President who has time and time again looked down upon the member states of the European Union and is prepared to whatever it takes to ensure that her dream of a United States of Europe is fulfilled!

Reform to Housing Quotas

This month, the Government allowed local Councils, such as Havering, the ability to depart from prescribed housing targets. As the Member of Parliament for a constituency which contains areas of esteemed natural beauty and greenspaces, I welcome this move from the Government.

As your M.P., I have consistently campaigned for Romford to remain a ‘Town and Country Borough’ – and to resist insensitive overdevelopment from Mayor Khan and his overt desire to urbanise Romford. We do not want Romford suffering the same fate as our neighbours which have now been completely subsumed by Greater London and have lost their identity as towns within the county of Essex.   

The Government’s move means that local councils can once again dictate their own public planning through local consultation, fulfilling the duties that they were elected to do, as opposed to being directed to from a higher authority.   

I am by no means against development, especially in light of the current housing crisis, but our Borough has had enough of being talked down to – receiving commands about what the Borough must do, instead of being informed about what we, in Havering, can do.  We need to take back control of our planning policy if we have any chance of keeping Havering a ‘Town and Country borough’, which is what I believe most local people want to see.

As your M.P., I will continue my campaign to maintain Havering’s character as a town and country borough!

'Safe Country' Migration and the Rwanda Scheme

Britain’s vote to leave the E.U. in June 2016, and the Government’s implementation of the referendum in June 2020, has allowed our country to have legal control of our borders once again. I therefore welcome the Home Secretary’s commitment to fast-track the removal of asylum seekers from designated ‘safe’ countries – which is clearly a step in the right direction.

For far too long, people have flocked in their droves to this country through irregular and illegal means in order to exploit our generous welfare system. This will at least be a sign for the disillusioned across Britain that the Government is taking illegal migration seriously. 

The Government must stand firm in the face of challenges from the left-wing establishment. Not only did previous governments consider similar policies, but the Swedish Government have also passed legislation allowing them to immediately deport any individual from any country deemed to be safe, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Mongolia, Albania, Chile, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia.  

The current situation cannot be allowed to continue. The U.K. accepted 55.4% of asylum claims from Albanians in 2021; compared to France who permitted a mere 2.3% of Albanian asylum seekers. 

I am pleased that the High Court has quite rightly decided that the Rwanda Scheme is lawful, so I encourage the Government to once again use this method as a means of deterrence. To enforce a stricter immigration and asylum system, I will therefore be campaigning for Britain to leave the E.C.H.R; to reform the Modern Slavery Act to ensure asylum seekers cannot exploit legal loopholes and for more Rwanda style deals to raise the deterrent further.

Read my letter to the Home Secretary on illegal migration here.

Labour's Abominable Constitutional Reform

This month, Labour Leader, The Rt Hon. Sir Keir Starmer M.P. brought defeated former Prime Minister Gordon Brown out of retirement to unveil their multi-volume proposal to reform the House of Lords. As the Conservative Government announces its economic plan to provide record financial help with the cost of living as we emerge from the Covid-19 crisis and battle with conflict on our continent for the first time since 1945, Labour’s plans to prioritise reform of the constitution which hardly seems necessary at this time - especially given our system works exceptionally well.

As Peter Hennesy has observed, House of Lords reform remains the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of British Politics. Attempts to reform the second chamber have failed many times before. Labour’s plans are not only out of touch with the country’s priorities, but they are also constitutionally damaging.

My good friend, parliamentary colleague, and Speaker of the House of Commons, The Rt Hon. Sir Lindsay Hoyle M.P., quite rightly posed the question to the Leader of the Opposition, 'if you have a second elected chamber, who has supremacy?'.  An elected House of Lords would only cause legislative gridlock between both chambers of Parliament. There would be competing mandates between both Houses – and nothing could be achieved. Just look at the battles between the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate to see how frustrating this can be.

Instead, the House of Lords in its present form acts as a revising chamber to the more partisan House of Commons. It tidies up legislation effectively and provides a check against executive power. The last thing we need is Labour messing with our Constitution... again!

I was delighted to visit the Sapphire Centre in Hillrise Road, Collier Row last month, where Cakeybakeydoodaa were busy baking up a storm! A fantastic local organisation catering for and supporting local people with learning difficulties. Thank you for your amazing work!
The Ceremony of the Christmas Cake is one of the most magical Christmas occasions that takes place every year at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea.  Andrew Rosindell M.P. was thrilled go along and meet the Chelsea Pensioners in December and see the Christmas Cake being presented by our Australian friends.  This year it was a gift of the Agent General of Western Australia. The service given by the Chelsea Pensioners cannot be expressed in words. Their honour and self-sacrifice must always be remembered. My head will always be bowed to these magnificent individuals.

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