A Conversation With Our Founder: 

I was recently invited to Shore Country Day School for an opportunity to speak with the Parents' Association and explore how we can nurture our children to be more service minded.

As a mother of two children (6 & 8), I've had many conversations with parents that circle back to our shared desires to raise humans who are involved in their communities, thoughtful, patient and kind.
I don’t believe these goals require us to add more to our already full plates. Rather, they invite us to explore opportunities to enrich our way of life.

Engaging in community based volunteering is a concrete way to share our values with our children, neighbors and friends.  

Make volunteering the norm.

Let's move away from viewing volunteering as an act, a check box, a means of resume building.  Let's instead enter into volunteering to grow deeper in relationship with people you haven't met. Know your community more intimately. Demonstrate and motivate the children in your lives to be service-minded by intentionally involving and practicing empathy, gratitude, and self-awareness.
This could look like:
  • Committing to purchase a couple dried goods at each grocery visit. Talk with the children in your life about food insecurity and then donate the items to your local pantry (or free little pantry).
  • Pick up trash on the sidewalk or parking lot as you pass by.
  • Offer a genuine compliment or word of gratitude to a clerk, a colleague, or community member next to you in line (I have been surprised to see how often my children notice and periodically catch them offering the same).
  • Help someone with too many bags and too few hands unload groceries into their car.
  • Dedicate family time once a month to volunteering and then reflect on the time spent together.
  • Get rid of goodie bags at your children's celebrations and instead encourage your child to select an organization that aligns with something they are passionate about and donate the amount you would have spent to that.
  • Give a specific amount each month to a charity and talk with the children in your life about the practice of spend/save/give.
  • Have a conversation around the table at night. In my home, we each share one thing we are grateful for and one thing we wish we had done differently during the day. This exercise develops an awareness of gratitude and provides space, especially for my kids, to see that we too are in a constant state of working toward being more compassionate humans.
Award-winning author L. R. Knost has said: “It’s not our job to toughen our children up to face a cruel and heartless world, it’s our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless".
I am always grateful for your time.

In service,
Partner with us to Cultivate Doers. Give monthly. Donate.
The month of October brings with it our annual Socktober collection to support individuals experiencing homelessness. Socks, are among the most needed items at shelters, yet one of the least frequently donated.

This month, visit our partners and drop off a package of thick white cotton crew socks.

Marblehead: Jewish Community Center
Salem: Salem Fitness 
Swampscott: Greater Boston Running Company

Come visit us at the upcoming Children's Fall Fair, presented by Sustainable Marblehead and the Marblehead Recreation and Parks Department.  

We will be demonstrating how to build a container garden & sharing information about food insecurity.  In addition, the fair will offer family friendly activities, guided nature walks, and more. 


  • October 6, 10 am - 1 pm
  • Hammond Nature Center, Everett Paine Blvd, Marblehead
  • $10 per family. Click here to pre-register and save $2. 
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We are expanding our team and seeking a part-time Development Manager!

Seven days away from our 5th birthday, and with a firm foundation laid, we are thoughtfully and strategically embarking on a journey to the next level of organizational maturity. 

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October 16,  5:30 - 7:00 pm 
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Resume building at Root
October 22, 9:00a & 1:00p
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Community Roots Garden Harvest & Deliver
Mondays (anytime during 4:00pm - 8:00pm)
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Recruiting educators!

Do you have experience writing curriculum or teaching? Email us! We are seeking a handful of volunteers to join our Enrichment Committee to further the creation of new lesson plans and/or help teach our youth enrichment workshops in local schools and at our office.

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