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Message from Krishna


Dear Friends,
There is a fascinating new documentary film on cancer that was sent to me by my close friend Dr Francisco Calvo who is working with juicing, CBD oil and vitamin C to treat patients with chronic diseases. The film says that cancer has become a pandemic. Our mechanistic life style, the vast industrialisation and all it’s implications mean that cancer over the next 20 years will rise by 57%
That is to say every other man in the USA will have cancer and one in three women.
When we look a Cancer or even Diabetes and Coronavirus, man has created the conditions for these diseases to flourish. It is like the farmer who compromises the soil fertility by ploughing and the use of chemicals and then plants a monoculture. Naturally insects see these rows of tender vegetables and starts at one end and eats their way to the other! Then insecticides are used and the water becomes polluted and we buy cheap food because of the rat race we are in and cancer comes along to wake us up!
Our food system is not natural. Even the bright green labels of Organic produce are part of the same paradigm, intensive farming, heavy use of machinery, plastics for packing and high food miles. Organic is of course better, but it is still part of the con, it doesn’t change the paradigm.
What does change the paradigm is exploring which foods grow locally, finding out where they grow or even how to grow them. What can make a profound difference is letting go of our deeply rooted food habits, which are massively responsible for our current crisis and learning how to cook local produce. Implied in this is the understanding that community is at the core of our lives. Wellbeing is not individual but profoundly collective. Naturally this leads to a shift in values and a change in our education system. If we are at all serious about water, education, health care, ecology or even culture,  really, everything starts with food. 



“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”
Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution


Community Supported Agriculture | Fruit & Vegetable Basket

A Bio-Region Local Food Basket Service, This Is A Call To Action.

Food is a collective responsibility. It is essential that the consumer starts to develop a relationship with where its food comes from so as to address the deepening problems we face in the world today.
The consumer’s involvement means supporting an agriculture that doesn’t destroy our own health and that of our planet but supports local farmers to provide local food for local communities.
To do this we need YOUR support. Our aim is to enlarge our present basket service by sourcing produce from other local farmers and create a few different drop of points where people could pick up their baskets.
The implications of this are massive and have been talked about ad infinitum in these newsletters.
The most important part of this effort will be to make it clear that this is not a shopping service. This is a commitment to Mother Nature, to Local Farmers, (who are the last custodians our fragile cultures) and of course to our children, this is a nutritional commitment. Community is the key to success. We need to find ways to get more people interested. We need help in getting the message out there. We need ideas and strategies; we need to create an app but also more local ways to join in. We need help in convincing villagers to participate. There is much to do. If you are inspired to help create this paradigm shift we are talking about through honouring local food then please send us an email and we will explore the next steps, a gathering/dinner/meeting etc. I truly believe that we can create a huge change in our world simply by eating local food as it is the one thing that is outside the destructive industrialisation of our societies. Please believe with me.
Send us a mail and lets be the change!
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We are able to value these foods because we are creating a community around the subject of nutrition. The longer participants subscribe for the baskets the cheaper they are and the closer their connection with the farm and their understanding of these local foods the more we can offer. 
Baskets are available for pick up from the farm on Monday and Friday and there is a Pondicherry pickup Wednesday afternoon.

Please email for sign up. 

Field Notes

Much of our focus is on getting the consumer to understand the value of local food and to inspire them to start eating it!
Equally though, we have an important role to play in sharing with farmers how to redefine the crops we value and the practices used to grow them. This can happen in a most spontaneous way by adopting a more non-interventional style of farming.

A wonderful example of non-intervention agriculture (Natural Farming) is the Pane Keerai.
This field is full of it and we didn’t plant it. Right now it is seedling, with beautiful white flowers full of small black seeds. Soon we will cut it back and leave it as mulch where it drops. Then we will plant in between the mulch with cluster beans, ladies finger etc. When the summer rains come the pane keerai will again germinate on its own. It becomes part of the nutritional infrastructure of these fields.
Every week we have used it in the café, it is especially good cooked with tamarind and we also offer it in the fruit and veg  baskets. Nutritionally it is amazing but it also tastes great and is dear to the local Tamil culture.
Fields like this, intercropped with tapioca, drumstick spinach, Agathi tree spinach, papaya, banana and turkey berry create a unique micro climate reducing the amount of irrigation needed. They develop the soil fertility, offer huge amounts of organic matter, act as structure for creepers to climb up such as gourds and beans etc and they offer a diversity of foods all year round. 
This unique perspective of natural farming or non-interventional agriculture is that Nature always shows us a new marvel that is at once a nutritional gift, a blessing for the earth and an elegant movement within Natures flow and perfect equilibrium. To understand Her we have to understand that we don’t know, only then will we see.


Solitude Farm Cafe

Citron or Nartanga in Tamil is a very special and tasty citrus. It is good for your heart and brain and is even helpful in preventing cancer. Here is an amazing Papaya and Nartanga/Citron rind marmalade we just made. The photos show how we make it on the open fire.
Slow food is good food!
If you would like to receive these delicious high quality products regularly please send us an Email
we also have soaps and of course the beautiful basket service.

Solitude Farm Cafe - Open | Mon-Sat | 9AM - 3PM

Music from Solitude

So Full - Original song by Emergence
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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Harvest at Solitude Farm

What is happening on the farm ?

Regular Workshops 

Every Saturday 11:30 A.M - Weekly tour and introduction to the Solitude Farm

Every Friday 9:45 AM | Natural Soap Making Workshop 
It is imperative that we stop polluting our water sources with chemical soaps. By making our own soap with natural local resources, we can recycle all our waste water to grow food. The Process is simple, easy and fun. 

Every Wednesday  9:45 AM | Secrets Of Our Salad: An Introduction to Permaculture 
Secrets of our Salads is an exploration of the values of local food which is at the very heart of permaculture.

Please email us at to sign up for the workshops. 
Contribution required  for all the workshops, except the weekly farm tour. 

3 Day Intensive Permaculture Workshop 
People have so many concepts about everything even about Permaculture! It means different things for different people. For me permaculture really boils down to the food on the table. This is a photo from the Secrets Of Our Salad, which is one of the module from 3 day Intensive Permaculture Workshop which is happening next on 27th to 29th March 2020, All this produce was harvested by workshop participants and transformed in the most amazing salad that demonstrates all the important characteristic of local food, include a direct solution to climate change. Learning about local foods in this very practical way starts to integrate permaculture in your daily life. 
Please email us at to sign up

Hiring | Project Coordinator Mid-Day Meal Scheme
We are looking for an enthusiastic, pro-active individual who is willing to intern for three months to help facilitate preliminary mapping and analysis. This internship would provide the opportunity to experience starting with the ground work to run the pilot project. 
1. Fluency in English and Tamil
2. Advanced computer skills, data compilation and analysis and creating presentations
3. Grant writing and project report writing. Any experience in facilitating a project, background in social work, development studies will be added advantage.
4. This position is open for candidates in and around Pondicherry.
Interested candidates who meet this criteria can email their CV to

Hiring | Cafe Manager 

Solitude Farm Cafe is looking to hire an experienced Café Manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of our Farm to Plate local food Café. 
We are looking for self-motivated, goal-oriented candidate who demonstrates exemplary management and leadership skills; ensure that the café staff and café volunteers carries out all duties efficiently. 
The Café Manager’s key responsibilities include managing the front desk during the breakfast and lunch serving, processing day to day payments (Cafe, store, workshops etc) and the most important of all ensuring that the café is clean and well-presented at all times. Ultimately, the Café Manager should be able to achieve excellent customer service and should be inline with Solitude Farm Cafe’s philosophy. 
If the candidate meets below requirements please send your your resume along with a brief cover note about yourself. 

Café Manager Requirements:

* Fluency in English and Tamil 
* Based in and around Auroville and Tamil Nadu 
* Basic cash handling 
* Sound knowledge of food health and safety regulations
* Effective communication skills
* Exceptional customer service skills
* Long term commitment is required. (Min. 1 year) 

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