Trends Update No. 033
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Scalp-related products are still in, and consumers are more interested than ever in scalp scrubs.

The Spate Facts
On average, there are 12.5K searches for scalp scrub in the US every month, and interest has  grown +40.1% since last year. This trend is mainly driven by non-branded search terms, but Nexxus and Kristin Ess are among the top brands owning the trend.

The Spate POV
Scalp-related products are not a new trend, but interest in scalp scrub is continuing to reach double-digit growth. Consumers are seeking out scrub for its moisturizing, exfoliating, purifying, and cleansing benefits — and they're looking to address dandruff, thinning, and oily hair.

This trend has a lot of depth to it. Beyond adding a new pre-shampoo step to one's shower, consumers are also seeking out complementary products, such as scalp scrub brushes. New routines provide opportunity for brands to re-invent an experience as mundane as the shower. How can your brand tap into the scalp scrub trend to enhance your audience's shower routine?


Consumers are seeking out clear mascara for eyelashes and brows.
The Spate Facts
On average, there are 19.6K searches for clear mascara in the US every month and interest has grown at a rate of +15.1% since last year — which is exciting growth for the cosmetics category, am I right? Although the trend is driven by generic terms, Maybelline is the top associated brand. Retailers such as Target are also highly associated with clear mascara.

The Spate POV
Consumers are still in the early stages of this trend, as they're still not quite sure what to do with clear mascara... Search data shows they're asking a lot of questions around "how to apply" clear mascara for their brows. There are two big takeaways here — (1) consumers are seeking out educational content, and (2) consumers are using eyelash mascara for their brows. Maybelline has done a really great job of positioning their clear mascara as a product that can be used for both lashes and brows, which can explain why they're owning the space.

DIY hair dye trends aren't just about covering one's roots. Americans have been experimenting with neon hair dyes while at home.
The Spate Facts
On average, there are 9.9K searches for neon hair in the US every month. Interest in the hair look has grown +26.3% since last year. There are no brands being searched alongside this trend.

The Spate POV
Americans are in experimentation mode and ready to have some fun with their style. Looking on the positive side of things, this next year could be a great time to challenge consumers to push their boundaries and have some fun by experimenting with celebrity styles.

Consumers are seeking out neon hair in the form of dyes, extensions, roll-ons, and sprays. While the hair dye space is very competitive, there are no brands owning this trend — indicating that there's strong opportunity for a brand to position itself as the playful hair dye for at-home curiosity and experimentation.

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